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Cruisiest PGA entrance time on Wednesday?


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I'm bringing along the better half for her first time in 2020, and we've decided that I'll do the crack of dawn queueing/tent pitching, and she'll arrive later on the Wednesday when it's all set up.

Because of course she will.

But now it's left me a bit unsure when the best time would be for her to arrive. She'd be getting dropped off at the Showground drop-off, and I'll meet her at PGA.

When would be the best time for her to arrive with minimal traffic/queues?

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Probably a little earlier than midday would be ok but there are always anomalies. Weather, queue mismanagement etc.

I've been at A later than 12 and queued for an hour but that was back in 2011, any other time after 12 (2014, 16 and 17) I've more or less walked straight in.

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