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Walking boots

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I've been looking into waterproof mid walking boots and cant really decide what might be best , I feel I'd like to go with real leather I suppose I'd have a budget of around £130.00  , I have no knowledge of said item and in previous years got away with flip flops 10 , trainers 13 and a bit of both 15 !! But I had bloody sore feet on all occasions !! Any thoughts would be much appreciated. 


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Berghaus Brasher Supalite II GTX Mens Goretex Waterproof Walking Boots. They are like wearing slippers, and come within your price range. Wear them in first though before the festival. I bought a pair after reading a book called 'Clear waters rising'. It was written by Nicholas Crane who spent 17 months walking (ie without any mechanical transport) along the chain of mountains which stretches across Europe from Cape Finisterre to Istanbul. In the book he recommends these boots as the best. Now, if anybody can recommend a pair of boots, it's somebody who has walked everyday over mountain ranges for 17 months non stop. 

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You really don’t need to spent that sort of money on walking boots unless you do some serious trekking, if you are buying boots just for G don’t spend more the £50. Buy something that fits properly, wear them in and importantly do them up properly, any movement as you walk can cause blisters. Walking boots aren’t designed to be submerged in mud so any waterproofness is limited if it is a proper mud fest. 

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I went in to Go Outdoors and selected two pairs and wore a different boot on each foot.

Discard the least comfortable and then try another pair, keeping the most comfortable on each time so you always have two different boots on.

I worked my through about 6 pairs, discarding the least comfortable each time, and finally ended up with a pair of Merrell Moab 2's

It's taken me 10 Glastonbury's to finally get a pair that I'm happy with. Had some Karrimors in 2016 and they killed me after a couple of days.

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