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Rick Fenoglio

Claudia Fenoglio - Best fests to play in 2020?

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Hi everyone,

I am seeking out the best smaller UK festivals for Claudia Fenoglio to play in 2020.  Any recommendations?  a big THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

(My email is rickfenoglio12@gmail.com if you'd like to get in touch!)  

Here's the blurb I send out to festivals about her:


Good morning,

I write to provide a brief introduction to the music and work of Claudia Fenoglio and apply for consideration for her to play at your festival in 2020.

Claudia Fenoglio is an emerging 22-year old singer-songwriter-soloist from Sandbach, Cheshire.  She has recently been featured three times on BBC Introducing for her first two single releases, entitled WASTE and WHY DO YOU STILL ANSWER?

Claudia has been playing live for over five years, during which time she has played various wedding and restaurant gigs in Derby, Leeds and Doncaster, busked consistently in Manchester and Leeds, and played pub gigs in London, Leeds, Nantwich and Sandbach.  In February, Claudia opened for the British band 'Toploader' in Southport (see accompanying youtube video).  Although not a country singer, a further highlight has been her twice playing at the famous Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tennessee USA.

Claudia writes her own material and, with covers, has enough music for a 90 minute set – or two 45 minute sets.  She plays electric and acoustic guitar, piano/keys and sings.   If would like to hear some of her work or see her on stage, please click on the following links:

YOU TUBE   http://youtu.be/gw6kSSJwd1s

SOUNDCLOUD    https://soundcloud.com/claudia-fenoglio-851574342

FACEBOOK     http://www.facebook.com/claudiafenogliomusic/

Claudia's music is also available on Spotify.


What BBC Introducing are saying about Claudia Fenoglio:

WASTE is a “mesmerizing debut release from Claudia Fenoglio”.

WHY DO YOU STILL ANSWER? is “a really gorgeous song, an enchanting track from start to finish. 

Claudia would be very excited to play at the 100 Above festival in 2020.

Thank you for letting me introduce her to you, and I look forward to your response in due course.

Very best wishes,

Rick Fenoglio



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