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Paul McCartney


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9 minutes ago, Brunty9 said:

Anyone got any idea on how I can get my hands on on of the Macca Glastonbury t-shirts? 

Really regretting not purchasing at the time!

There were tshirts?! I can't even find a picture of one

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19 minutes ago, Brunty9 said:

and a hoodie. Thought about it first thing Sat morning when we went to see Joy Crooks. Should have bit the bullet then. 



On Sunday they had 1 XL hoodie left that was half price because it had been stapled up on display. I was tempted, but wasn't sure I'd be able to fit it in my bag (and I'm not XL, so it would have been more like a muumuu on me).

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I'm really struggling with Blackbird, when they had him on that platform.

I had tears at the time and I've found it difficult on the two viewings since. It might just be the greatest moment I've had on the farm, Godlike.

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1 minute ago, CaledonianGonzo said:

Just get him back on El Pointo. He could do another 3 hours, not repeat a song and still give you the same bang for your buck.

Not many could do that, could they. (Not many could play for three hours on consecutive nights, play minimal crossover, and still have a slate of bangers. Springsteen, perhaps.)

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18 minutes ago, NorthernSoul52 said:

Petition starts here for them to simply add a stage next year where Paul McCartney can play whenever he wants, whatever he wants.

The McCartney stage, count me in.

Can it have its own camping?

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