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Best Glasto Sets You've seen

The Toad.

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15 hours ago, Chubby Dude in a Tiny Car said:



the best single evening i ever had was david gray > suede > REM - can't remember what year, or what order they played, but i do remember it was the most "sheer joy" sequence of bands i've seen there.

2003 - I think it was Suede, then David Gray then REM, and agreed, it was magical.

(That said, Suede were awful that day I thought!). But it was a perfect evening. Got too drunk for REM. 

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12 hours ago, lukethekid said:

I saw them in the Manchester Apollo in 2003 I think, just after Hail To The Thief came out, they didn’t have a support and played for about 3 hours. It’s still to this day my favourite gig ever. 

Radiohead at Old Trafford cricket ground in 2008 remains my favourite gig of all time. Worth missing Glasto for that year.

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26 minutes ago, Hugh Jass said:

Radiohead at Old Trafford cricket ground in 2008 remains my favourite gig of all time. Worth missing Glasto for that year.

I was at that as well, me and my mate both nearly got kicked out for throwing ale over each other after I got pissed off after he accidentally covered my white T-shirt with mustard off a hot dog he’d just bought. This was all due to us both being really drunk after a mate of ours was working on the bar and kept giving us free booze.

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4 hours ago, Tommy Dickfingers said:

That would have been a great time to watch them. My favourite record of theirs is In Rainbows though. 

Don’t really know if I’ve got a favourite record, most of them all stand up really well on their own. Here’s another story for you. Saw them a day before my 18th birthday in Amsterdam in 2006. They were booked to play 2 dates, we saw them of the first of the two. For some unbeknown reason they sent me in the post tickets for both days, so I kept hold of it and thought I’d try and sell it to a tout outside the venue. Got to the venue and sold it to a tout after a bit of a discussion, I think for the price of the ticket (about €35). Anyway that night Phil Selway’s mum died and they cancelled the following night’s show, so the tout ended up €35 euro’s out of pocket because he obviously couldn’t sell it on ??

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The National - 10
QOTS - 11
The Kills - 11
Stones - 13
Kasabian - 2014 (I'm a Metallica fan and although they were fab, they are always fab!)
Patti Smith - 2015
Glen Matlock - 2016
PJ Harvey - 2016
Royal Blood  - 2017
The National - 2017 (yes, it was me who enjoyed the set!)
BCUC - 2019

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Oh, I like this. From 2007 I actually have notes and lists. Before that I am going for ‘most memorable’ rather than best. Leafing through the programmes, many of my favourites played (Primal Scream, Van Morrison, Nick Cave, Sharon Shannon) and I must have seen them, but it is all a bit of a Blur - who I am sure I saw as well, however it was a Blur headline set at Roskilde that really stands out in my memory instead.

94  Johnny Cash

95  Pulp

97  Beck

98  Foo Fighters

99  Joe Strummer

00  David Bowie

03  The Darkness

07  The Waterboys

08  Leonard Cohen

09  Bruce Springsteen

10  Richard Thompson

11  U2

13  Rolling Stones

14  Robert Plant

15  Patti Smith

16  P J Harvey

17  The Young ‘Uns

19  The Cure

20  .......no ticket........


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