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2 hours ago, Ayrshire Chris said:

He will be on with Hobo Jones in the Avalon cafe

btw I loved Coldplay in16 and if they played would be there! Seems he loves glasto as much as we do 

Didn’t see them in 16 (LCD Soundsystem) but their 2011 set was superb. Changed my opinion of them TBH. However it’s way too soon for them to be back, and I think they know that. I really don’t see it being them next year.

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3 hours ago, maelzoid said:

My guess is a secret set, performing Parachutes in full. I expect fairly early on the pyramid. It'd be madness to try getting them into the park or JP. Historically these secret sets are not that secret, so it'll be rammed. Although the casuals at the pyramid may be surprised!

For the record, I like Chris Martin. It seems his big crime is unabashed enthusiasm and honestly there are enough miserable gits in the world. Coldplay are a great band too, and their 2016 set was brilliant.

Honestly, I would love this. Love Parachutes and A Rush is Blood to the Head. They’ve went steadily and steeply downhill since until reaching whatever their current iteration is. But Parachutes live would absolutely sucker me in. 

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2 hours ago, danbailey80 said:

Also is anyone getting bored of the weak jokes about Chris performing everywhere?


Come on enjoy. "Featuring" as his first name. Heard it before but still amuses and is not weak. Unlike Chris's lyrics. IMO. Blander than a bland thing. ?

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3 hours ago, Padgey said:

Friday Headliner - Foals featuring Chris Martin

Saturday Headliner - Taylor Swift featuring Chris Martin

Sunday Headliner - Fleetwood Mac featuring Chris Martin

Legend Slot - Elton John featuring Chris Martin

Wednesday Croissant Neuf Bandstand - Mik Artistik featuring Chris Martin


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3 minutes ago, danbailey80 said:

Probably the biggest lighting display event ever seen on the Pyramid stage and they follow it with a 11am day time slot.

Maybe they could get James to guest and play some album tracks that nobody knows. 

Please people, get a grip on reality here.


What does their previous set have to do with next year? Maybe he'd like to do a lower spec show?

Martin loves the festival and the Eavii, he'd play anywhere they asked him to just to be a part of the celebrations.

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As soon as I saw the new album details I had a bad feeling. 


Now the feeling isn’t so bad. If I’m wrong I’m down £10 but Coldplay aren’t headlining. 
However if I’m right I will have £45 extra to spend on beer which will help me get through another Glastonbury with Coldplay 

I don’t see Coldplay being anywhere other than a Pyramid headliner. 

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