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I got a Glastonbury ticket- let's celebrate


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Confirmation email at 9.05!

Missed out last year in every sale and was properly gutted. Really wanted them this year for the 50th and my personal 10 year Glasto anniversary. 

Had more people trying than ever (6)...sent on the WhatsApp a load of tips and tricks, stay patient, etc...and at 9.01 my mate who's lives and works abroad said he was in. Called me at 9.03 for my card details...calmly reading the Ts&Cs FFS! Done.

I carried on refreshing and got no where near so very, very lucky. Well done to all that got them and bad luck to those who didnt. 

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I got mine and 3 strangers! A bit of dicking around in my "group" this year has ended with them getting in, switching groups around, causing chaos, I get in at the last second and buy for who is left, and then they tell me theyve been kicked off the payment screen! 

Looks like im doing it solo but I'm so relieved I have a ticket. I'll let the weight of it all settle in later!

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I got 18 tickets by 20:17. MacBook with 1 chrome tab and wired internet. My full WhatsApp group are going to Glasto! I’m absolutely ecstatic. I’ve been 3 times but there’s 6 newbies this time who are all absolutely buzzing, 2 of which are Americans who have absolutely no idea what they’ve let themselves in for. Well done to everyone else and see you on the farm!

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