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2020 headliners


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That Big Thief Garden Stage was beset by technical problems but I still loved it and their stock has only risen since then. They are definitely worthy of headline status if the rumours are true.

Don't forget this is a festival that has had Bat For Lashes and Wild Beasts as headliners. They pride themselves in giving unexpected headliners a bit of a boost if they feel they warrant the opportunity. 

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1 hour ago, Nigey_boy said:

Big Thief? I like em on record but that Garden show was appalling...mid-afternoon would work for them


They came one place short of having two top 40 albums last year and they're playing Hammersmith Apollo and Manchester Albert Hall on their upcoming tour. They're a great deal bigger than mid-afternoon. Plus their Green Man '19 set (main stage, third from top behind Stereolab and Four Tet) was outstanding.

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1 hour ago, SweepingTheNation said:

Let's steal an idea from the Green Man thread:


Before Tuesday, name five acts other than the three rumoured that you predict will play EOTR, and maybe once everything is announced we can come back to it and see how well we did.

WH Lung

Penelope isles

Lanterns on the Lake

Andy Shauf


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I enjoyed Big Thief’s Garden Stage set, I think they’re great live but part of what makes it so enjoyable is the way it all seems like it could fall apart at any moment. It’s not a slick reproduction of their records. Unsure how well that would translate to a main stage headlining show but they are definitely “big” enough for it and as others have said EOTR definitely like to give acts their first big breakthrough headlining slot.

Main stage headliners aren’t the main selling point of EOTR for me though, I’d actually prefer a great garden stage headliner if it came to a choice. 

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