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Sziget 2020


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40 minutes ago, gfa said:

Saying it now, no way can they afford this.

There is not a single smaller name like 1975/National last year. Katy Perry, Eminem, Calvin and Mendes are all massive expensive and KOL plus Strokes can't be far behind in price. Not buying this new leaker honestly hes just throwing stuff together it seems to me.

any reply to this @Sziget2020_Leaks ???

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Although I remain highly skeptical about this leaker, I just had an half an hour to spare at work, so I made a visual recap of all the details he gave so far (green ones are the one confirmed by the trusted leaker - consider KoL in green as well).

There has been very few contradictions, I owe him that, the major one consisting in few details on the female headliner follower by a "no comment policy".

Except for Shawn Mendes, Eminem and Foals, the rest of the names has been positioned at random days in credible time-slots.


Now, @Sziget2020_Leaks, ball's in your court: you confirm everything, correct/add/remove anything?


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7 minutes ago, Yelo, the Parmiggiana said:

Campbell Haggis = Calvin Harris.

EDIT: In fairness, that would be 3 on 3 suggestions that are consistent with Sziget2020_Leaks


These are all the obvious ones - when he leaks something weird or like lots of the undercard are right then I will trust it. Still seems like they planted money trees to get this lineup

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10 minutes ago, Yelo, the Parmiggiana said:


Uploaded leak-scheme, then, I guess it is consistent as well at this point

Yes three out of three plus Khalid does start to look like more than just educated guesses....I’ll reserve my hat in hand apology till Shawn Mendes is announced but he’s looking more credible....😂

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50 minutes ago, Sziget2020_Leaks said:

Kensington, Stormzy, Troyboi

Kensington. I know almost nobody know them (too bad, they are quite good actually !) , but a friend of mine working in Netherlands in a  "evenemential company" (sorry I don't know the word in english lol) also told me they should be in Budapest in August. I guess it's Sziget.. so @Sziget2020_Leaks might also have right about other names.. if that the case : sorry dude, you were right. ;)

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2 hours ago, Sziget2020_Leaks said:

Shawn Mendes and Eminem daily tickets
will be 20€ and 30€ more expensive than the
other ones, respectively.

So what prices can we look at €90? and are the 3day tickets including the Eminem day the "normal" price? And what can we expect from the 3-day price? @Sziget2020_Leaks 

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