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2019 recommendations?


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Anybody got a recommendation for an act which might slip under the radar? I've been on you tube looking at a lot of acts I've never heard of and like the sound of a few. Parcels and Daithi for a start. Anything else I shouldn't miss?

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I have four I'm super excited for:


Khruangbin- Instrumental psych stuff inspired by Thai funk and surf rock. Check out their KEXP session on YT (Friday Obelisk)

A Place to Bury Strangers- Noisey shoegaze. From I've read and from what I've seen on YT they have an insane and brutal live show (Friday Sunrise)

Pigs X7- Sludge doom metal. Definitely going to scare a few unsuspecting people (Saturday Sunrise)

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever- Noodly indie guitar music, they have three guitarists and make a gorgeous layered noise (Sunday BBC Music)


I'll also try and catch Parcels, think they will be great to have a boogie to. Really looking forward to it now!

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From a new music perspective

1. Another Sky (if you like Radiohead meets London Grammar)

2. The Murder Capital (if you like intense post punk with Joy Division references)

3. Celeste (If you like jazzy soulful music with hints of Amy Winehouse)

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I second Foxing, their new stuff is definitely more alt-rock than post-rock but they’ve been great live every time I’ve seen them (4x, including last night)

also Wiki is probably my favourite US rapper (late night Friday in the sunrise)

and I imagine lots on this board will be familiar with Sons of Kemet, but if you’re not they’re super high energy jazz - share members with The Comet is Coming

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