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You get ten acts and ten acts only **2019**

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I've done this thread the last few years. You're only able to see ten bands all weekend - list them in order of how much you wanna see em. *SUBJECT TO REVISION*


1. Parquet Courts (will be my 6th? time seeing them but that doesn't matter - love this band!!)

2. Jockstrap (will be my 5th time seeing them in a year but as above, love em)

3. Ata Kak (so much fun!!!)

4. Kero Kero Bonito (haven't seen them since their radical live transformation)

5. Serpentwithfeet (missed him a couple of times elsewhere so very keen to finally see)

6. Mary Lattimore (what's not to love)

7. Let's Eat Grandma (big fan, seen em many times) 

8. Black Country New Road (great group, excited to see how they are received)

9. Kelly Moran (curious to see what she does live)

10. BCUC (should be a blast)

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16 hours ago, WM Hall said:

2. Jockstrap (will be my 5th time seeing them in a year but as above, love em)

First up, thanks for making me feel a bit less bad about this being my fifth time seeing Stella Donnelly in not much more than a year. (Also good to hear the recommendation for Jockstrap too - I'm hoping to catch them.)

My ten isn't necessarily the ten I'd recommend to someone else, it's partly about who I have and haven't seen recently. But something like:

Mitski, Pom Poko, Fontaines DC, Gazelle Twin, Black Midi, Wand, Bodega, Jessica Pratt, Parquet Courts and ... Stella Donnelly, obv.

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1. Mitski

2. Deerhunter

3. Cate Le Bon 

4. Tuung

5.  Courtney Barnett


7. Virginia Wing

8. Cass McCombs

9. Gazelle Twin

10. Jarv Is


This was HARD/IMPOSSIBLE. Makes me realise (again!) how relentlessly good the line-up is this year... 

Low are my all time favorites, but haven't made this cut because I've seen them many many times before, including on the Garden Stage a few years back. But in reality, I'm not going to miss them for anything (unless Courtney gets bumped up, in which case I have a total nightmare on my hands!) 

Goat Girl were also on my absolutely must see list, but their Glastonbury set underwhelmed me a bit... 

Joint 11th place we've got Black Midi, Kelly Lee Owens, Sasami, Yves Tumor, Georgia, and Rozi Plain... 

And there are a few people I'll get to see at Green Man, useful for this VERY DIFFICULT game!

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This is assuming that there are no clashes, which is extremely unlikely:

Jarvis Cocker (Introducing JARV IS)
Parquet Courts
Ata Kak
Kikagaku Moyo
Fontaines D.C.
Charlie Parr

Lisa O'Neill

That was really difficult! Loads of other stuff I want to see...

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Very tricky to narrow it down but first 9 are a must, if I can get around potential clashes:


2. The Murder Capital

3. Fontaines DC

4. Jarv Is

5. Parquet Courts

6. Let’s eat Granny

7. Squid

8. Viagra Boys

9. Courtney Barnet

10:  bodega/the Beths/Ohtis/bcnw/girl in red/Harrison Whitford/sleaford mods/Daniel Avery/Mitski/kelly Lee owens/pigs x7


a cop out I know but such a good line up this year.




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Derya Yildirim & Grup Simsek - LOVED them at Café Oto in January and can't wait to see them again!

KOKOKO! - utterly addicted to their album and looking forward to seeing their DIY scrapyard instruments in action.

Kikagaku Moyo - was impressed when I saw them in May but felt that they were held back a bit by the terrible acoustics at Electric Brixton. Fully expecting them to blow the roof off the Garden Stage.

BCUC - looked like a riot at Glastonbury!

Nérija - one of the best acts that I've heard coming out of the new London jazz scene. Hoping for blazing sunshine for their Saturday lunchtime Garden Stage slot. 

Low - always an emotionally intense live act, never missed them at a festival.

Crack Cloud - lots of good post-punk bands this year, but these guys have captured my attention the most. Heard they're fantastic live.

Ata Kak - god bless Awesome Tapes From Africa.

Penya - really interesting fusion of sounds and an amazing percussion section & trombone player. Great live band too.

Yves Tumor - finally getting the hype surrounding this guy. Looking forward to hearing Noid and Lifetime live especially.

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On 7/13/2019 at 3:01 PM, Guy Incognito said:


Black Midi


Crack Cloud 


Jessica Pratt

Nubya Garcia 

Black Country New Road

Kelly Moran

Yves Tumor




Can you explain the Yves Tumor live experience to me? I hear such good things but don't get it from YouTube vids

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