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The future of Silver Hayes

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On 7/11/2019 at 2:47 PM, Matt87 said:

I think one of the major problems is having the corridor-like path through the entire area. The path should be relocated to one side and have all the stages/tents/bars on the other. The reason I'm guessing they have it like it is currently is to combat the sound bleed, but that's more of an issue with the sound levels and types of stage they have. 

It just needs a distinct personality. It's overshadowed by SE corner currently, but with a bit of creativity it can be it's own thing.  

The problem is where do you put the backstage areas? They take up a lot of space. If you had the venues on one side then you'd end up with fewer venues.

Edit: or much more severe sound bleed.

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Walking in through SH every morning from Bushy Ground, then back for the odd forgotten jumper, I don't think I ever saw it busy or rammed. Like everyone else has said, seems a bit vague what the point of it is now. If it's electronic music, then what are bands like Slaves and artists like Jain doing playing there? Feel like they need to address the identity first, instead of being so multi-diverse. Something to rival SE Corner would be good as well.

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