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On holiday when tickets go on sale...help

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Hi all,

I've been to the festival twice in the past but was unlucky for this year.

I'm going to try for tickets in October however I am away in Italy when they go on sale and have a few questions.

Will I be able to use my UK debit card or will I have to use a Credit Card when buying abroad even though I'm a UK citizen?

Will I be able to use 4G (mobile data) to try for tickets or does it have to be Wifi or does it not matter? Not sure if different rules apply when abroad.

People have mentioned in the past that you may have better chance purchasing tickets from abroad but I think this is probably a myth.

Many thanks for your help.


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I bought last years ticket with a debit and I was in Europe. It is safer to have an alternative payment method ready if it does not go through.

Use the connection that you feel is the safest at this moment. It’s a myth that there’s a difference and it’s a myth that it’s easier being abroad.

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I think it is still debit cards for those registered in the UK (ie you even though you're on holiday) and credit card for those who are registered outside of the UK, even if they are here.

WiFi and 3g/4g/5g don't matter as long as you get a connection.

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