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NFR NFC for 2020


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3 hours ago, vintagelaureate said:


I actually think it's will be this time. Going to be some party!

Hope you're all keeping well.

OH you;re right, going to be an amazing party. 

Although I think I may get irked by people endlessly talking through sets or watching through their phones even more.... just back from IOW and although it seemed the 'watch through the phone' brigade were less (and was commented by more than one band) there were still too many .... and during a few bands it was endless loud chatter from groups around us (and that was pretty near the front) - I found myself feeling like a right grumpy fairy and saying we'd waited for this moment for so long and could they enjoy it please and absorb and live it rather than chat about cr&p through a set - I fear I just needed to drink more and ignore them lol

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