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Legend Slot 2020

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That's what I love about you Matt, you're not a man for unnecessary overstatements

Public Service Broadcasting are good but that’s a bit extreme

The Kinks

2 hours ago, incident said:

Would also mention, if Kylie is eligible, then Bryan Adams probably is now as well.

Saw him at a festival a couple of years ago and whilst the cool kids won’t like him, he puts on a good show.

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Wouldn't shock me at all if they had Coldplay do it as a cheap option and a way to get them on the 50th lineup.

I think The Kinks are the perfect option, though.


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1 minute ago, jparx said:

I think The Kinks are the perfect option, though.


The Kinks have little to no experience in putting on the sort of participatory crowd-pleasing 21st century show that obviously works best in that slot.

While it would maybe be fun to watch them finish it up rolling around fighting on the floor, they're better off subbing the Pyramid.

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3 hours ago, Quark said:

Elton fits the category of legend, but I think he's just too damn big for the teatime slot. Listening to his greatest hits now (yes I've started a rumours playlist for 2020 already :lol:) and health permitting he'd need, nay deserve, a big old timeslot to even scratch the surface.

Meat Loaf would be amazing (for me anyway) but I thought he didn't play live anymore due to health issues? Think the last tour was going to have someone else on vocals.

Billy Joel on a sunny Sunday afternoon would be glorious.

And obviously I remain a fully paid up ticket holder for a seat on the D-Rozzle Train. You still with me @H.M.V?

   - Think Meatloaf may be passed it - this was 8 years ago 

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Hasn't Michael Eavis already confirmed in interviews Neil Young and Paul McCartney being there? I don't see why one of those couldn't do it. Kylie had a massive crowd and she ticks a diverse demographic. 

Or, best take Michael's words with a pinch of salt?

Neil Young doesn't really fit the profile for that set. The only time in recent years they have deviated from the poppier, mass drunken singalong party kind of act was ELO, and they died on their arses.

Zero chance McCartney is doing that slot.

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4 hours ago, Hugh Jass said:

Following on from the chat in the Headliner thread who could be in the frame for next year?

Off the top of my head possible candidates could include...

Pet Shop Boys


Duran Duran

Barry Manilow

Diana Ross (travel permitting)

Shania Twain


Who else?

Those are bands! ?

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7 minutes ago, stuartbert two hats said:

Do you know something I don't?



Ha! yes. And I may well catch #SoWrongIt'sRightBazza at Truck Festival this month where he is hosting Barryoke. And if that's not a legend spot, I don't know what is.

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Although I'd love to see Meatloaf I think he's way passed it and his health wouldn't hold up for a full hour set. Highly doubt he's in the running

Billy Joel would be amazing, him and Elton on the same day is a dream line up in itself.

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Re: Elton, there's no doubt that he's big enough to headline one of the nights, however, I wonder if the legend slot would appeal to him for a variety of reasons.

1.  It's less work.  Bang all the hits out in an hour or so. 

2. It generally gets massive media attention (see Kylie), and usually draws the biggest crowd.  Nice and handy if you're rounding out a 300 date tour to shift some back catalogue units

3.  He strikes me as someone who would like to be called a legend

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