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Cream Soda

Dealing with bad backs

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1 hour ago, Penrhos said:

I suffer from sciatica and 2016 nearly finished me off for doing Glastonbury. 

This year it was a breeze:-

I went on a diet and went from Obese to over-weight.

Had four trips to a sports therapist, got some exercises to do and had massage/physio in the 3 weeks before.

Took a small bag of spirits and goodies into the festival each day (no rucksack on my back all day).

Hiking boots with Gel inserts are the future, so much better than trainers/wellies.

Biggest win was having a campervan and not a tent, it sounds like a luxury, but any health issues and its the difference between night/day.

A decent night's sleep on a real bed where your back doesn't get cold/damp meant I was able to do the entire festival on Paracetamol, alcohol and recreational drugs - whereas 2016 was Oxycontin, Voltorol, and mainly soft drinks.

If I'm lucky in October the plan is to get down to the lower end of "over-weight" and to build up my "Core strength" as the physio said it would help support my lower back, which would help protect the damaged nerves.

That's great glad you saw an improvement, there's hope for me yet!  I find footwear really makes a difference too.  I'd love to do it in a camper but it's just not in my budget unfortunately :(  I really wish I knew someone who would lend me one, until then its not really an option.

Didn't realise so many were suffering with problems like this, maybe we should make this the support/motivation thread for bad backs and other ailments ?

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11 hours ago, Cream Soda said:

Thanks, I've never heard of this, I am going to look into it now.  I hear mixed reviews about chiropractors, like most things, some people swear by them others say avoid like the plague.  What was your experience?

It was before I’d had the result of an X-ray - the consultant didn’t believe my pain then inflammation/erosion on my joints was missed! When to see a chiropractor in desperation and they just exacerbated the problem. It was 20 years ago so can’t remember it completely - but I was generally in agony; so much so that I felt if I walked in-front of a bus it might at least get me some treatment/care! (The medical blindness that happens from being a young woman and not being believed).

Feldenkrais is completely different and you work together to help on problem areas reeducating your body - but working with any limitations you may have.  Thought obviously also worth perusing the medical route to rule out any underlying problems.

I also try not to carry too much round at a festival, have a decent bed and switched up the footwear! 

I always have a least one festival massage in the healing fields a year too - usually something gentle as a treat! The sauna might also be a good idea I guess...



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On 7/8/2019 at 9:06 PM, Another eforum account said:

(The medical blindness that happens from being a young woman and not being believed).

I know the feeling.

Well I saw the chiropractor yesterday.  She seems to think I carry around 2kg of my weight extra on my right side than my left, which is very unusual considering I injured my right side, you would think I would carry more weight on the left.  She was also able to pinpoint painful areas without me telling her.  She is going to write up her findings and I am going back next week to hear the plan of action and decide if I want to proceed.  Feel quite encouraged from the initial appointment, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much.  If nothing else, I'm hoping it will give me the confidence/ammunition to return to the gp again if I get no joy. 

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