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eFests Set of the weekend 2019 - VOTE NOW

Hugh Jass

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1) Tame Impala

2) The Killers

3) Foals


Really hard to not put Two Door Cinema Club or The Cure into the top 3 since at any other festival they would have beem number ones but it seems like bands just give a little extra at Glastonbury.

Tame Impala completely blew me away, they will become headliners in the future.

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To be honest I could probably have these in any order:

Let's Eat Grandma - central on the barrier for one of my fav bands of the last year or so. Disappointing they didn't turn up for their Rabbit Hole set later, but it wouldn't have topped the main set anyway.

The Killers - pure crowd pleaser from start to finish. Had a great group around us, and you could tell the band put everything into it.

The Cure - Barely knew anything beyond the obvious songs going into it, but will definitely be diving into their back catalogue over the coming months. Stunning set - they have a really great live sound. Somehow strolled in and ended up central on the 3rd row which was the best view I've ever had on the pyramid.

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Good to see CATQ getting lots of love. We were stood near the back as we had to make a hasty exit for the bus after the set, but it looked fantastic from the back of the field. Can imagine it was an incredible experience further forward. 

One note though - seemed to me there were some issues with the lighting rig? Looked like the lights didn't come on at certain points, then they were a bit out of sync at times as well. The visuals were great in general but that seemed a bit odd at points.

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Kylie - surprised myself here, turns out I'm a huge Kylie fan! My childhood self was in heaven with all the old songs

The Killers - just great fun. 

Fatboy on the Glade, somehow never managed to catch him anywhere before, was amazing

Honourable mention for the brilliant Lizzo and Sheryl Crow. 


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5 hours ago, Digi said:

3. Frank Turner (Greenpeace). Mainly because he played some stuff I've never heard live before and I really love his acoustic stuff 

Well done on getting in!


1. Sheryl Crow 

2. Frank Turner - Avalon. Not the best setlist but the best atmosphere I've experienced at one of his gigs.

3. Jeff Goldblum 

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When you are at Glastonbury you miss out on so much. Saturday headliners for example...anyone of 5 stages would have been a dream to see but I went with what I knew and The Killers delivered, and then some with the PSB & Johnny Marr collaborations. Loved some great sets up at The Park, with Cat Power, the 'secret' Vampire Weekend set (actually much more engaging than their Pyramid set), and last but definitely not least the pure joy and inclusivity of Love Unlimited Synth Orchestra.

So the votes of the GT jury are

1. Miley Cyrus (still the best even though she did not do The Climb)

2. The Killers

2. Years & Years (because I wish I had someone like that speaking to me when I was Olly's age)


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3 minutes ago, Cockney_Jesus said:

Proper gutted I left after slowthai for Kate Tempest instead of staying for Lizzo judging from the comments on Lizzo’s set. Kate was good but not as high energy as I’ve seen her previously (did her new album in full which is a bit more mellow)

Mate Lizzo finished at 6:30 and Kate Tempest didn't start until 9:15, I don't know what made you miss Lizzo but it wasn't Kate Tempest.

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