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eFests Set of the weekend 2019 - VOTE NOW

Hugh Jass

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4 hours ago, Winslow Leach said:

They didn't make it into my top three but did anyone else catch Taiwanese post-rockers No Party for Cao Dong on the Thursday night in Pussy Parlure? Been listening to them ever since.

No, but on the topic of Asian rock bands, did anyone else enjoy Babymetal on TOS? 

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I don’t often get to namedrop, and weirdly this is almost the opposite of namedropping - I was working on the vehicle gate out the back of the Common where the SE corner camping and caravans were, checking EPO passes etc. I completed my shifts early on Sunday and had a brief chat to a lady who’d been through a couple of times - she was nice, friendly, American, I presumed she was a performer of some kind cos a fair few people in that field were. 

Anyways, I got home Monday, and I was lying in bed looking at all the guardian reviews etc - and I see this lady I’d had a couple of chats with, the nice one! Who was it? Lizzo.

I had absolutely no idea who she was tbf, it’s really not my genre. But anyways, she’s great and I’m gonna watch her set right now ??

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1. Kylie

2. Janelle Monae

3. Black Futures (Scum)

Honorable Mentions: Boy Azooga (WG), The second part of Patrick Topping in the Temple and the enthusiasm Babymetal created. 

I enjoyed far more gigs, but some of them were just too flawless and professional. For example, the gigs of Vampire Weekend, Chemical Brothers or Tame Impala were reaaaally enjoyable and fun, but in my eyes they were lacking character.

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It wasn't in my top three but not seen anyone mention the Vampire Weekend park set. I'm not particularly a fan but laying on the grass with some ice cold drinks and listening to their set was the most relaxing gig I think I've ever experienced (and was perfect for a sore head)

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Happy 4th of July to you all from New York, where I'm back and trying to placate the missus after my 6-day absence and depletion of family funds...wish me luck.... 

Top 3...

1. The Cure – ’95 was the first Glastonbury I followed closely, listening to (and recording) sets on a radio station in Boston (the US city, not the #1 Leave town) and The Cure obviously finished up. If I don’t go to another Glastonbury, I’d be quite happy for this year’s Cure set to have been my finale. Managed to get on the center metal thing with only about 3 people in front of me and it was just an absolute gem of a set.

2. Vampire Weekend (Park Stage) – I cannot think of a better start to a day music-wise that I’ve had. This was just such a beautiful intimate gig, with the requests, the humor about the budding small-biz merchandise arm, his stating that we all know the Park Stage is the best stage (“but don’t get me wrong…we’re still going to bring it to the Pyramid tomorrow”), this just was sort of a follow-on from that interview he did months ago when he hinted at they’d be playing and he talked about his years of coming back to Glastonbury just as a punter since they last played in 2013. I loved this set. Just the perfect start to what would be the hottest day I’ve experienced at Glastonbury. This set put me immediately into the right frame of mind. I can deal with the heat, but Saturday was brutal (on top of a major hangover) and I don’t know if I would have dealt with it as well if I hadn’t seen Vampire Weekend perform this beautiful set at 11:30am. I can’t believe this isn’t #1 of the weekend but it’s one of the best things I've seen at Glastonbury. 

3. Vampire Weekend (Pyramid) – and they pulled it off again didn’t they….this was wonderful, different setlist mostly and less banter, but I am so happy that I’m not writing something about it being nowhere as good as the Park Set. Both were fantastic. I’ve seen Vampire Weekend 4 times now, all at Glastonbury. I'm so happy that the emptying out of the Miley Cyrus crowd as they ventured over to Billie Eilish allowed me a seamless transfer from Albarn and crew up at the Park directly into the pit for this....


Echoing what others are saying here, there were so many stellar sets this year. Acts know more now than ever that it’s Glastonbury and what it means, that this is the Super Bowl of festivals (even the American acts get this…apart from the lovely Mavis Staples, but that’s all right). This is THE gig on their tour... 

I can’t believe that the Promise of the Real set doesn’t make my top 3. That was incredible. The ‘Carry On’ and ‘Keep on Rockin’ In the Free World’ rehearsals giving us a peak at the next night’s setlist with Shakey? Sheryl Crow was amazing and full of energy on the Pyramid. It seems to be a faux-pas on the E-Fests forums to admit you saw and liked Liam Gallagher on here, but the energy and sing-alongs were incredible. I loved it.  Made up for 2004 which I continued to let myself believe was ‘ok’ for about a year afterwards. Fontaines DC on Williams Green was just incredible. I wasn’t in the tent (I tried that for Sports Team earlier and that was torture) but you still got the incredible sense of energy and buzz outside (again, how isn’t that Fontaines DC set in my top 3?) . Chemical Brothers (my 1st time seeing them) was incredible too. I wish I hadn’t got stuck chatting with a stranger at Avalon during Morcheeba for so long that I missed first part of Michael Kiwanuka, but what I saw was brilliant there. Jeff Goldblum’s soundcheck banter and ‘interview’ with “Kate Redding from television – where’s Reading?” had me in stitches, and Mavis coming out in her Glastonbury shirt having me thinking initially “ah, she gets it…what a show of respect for the festival….” to then hearing the luggage story, and then realizing she doesn’t know where she’s playing and then tries “Glastonburg” later on… (Does anyone have the Dolly Parton live Glastonbury cd that came with one of her albums…it sounds like she says ‘Glastonburg’ on there too)….I loved her set and so glad I finally got to see her after so many misses on my end.

 And I didn’t get to see Lizzo, Janelle & The Killers whom everyone seems to be raving about.

What a great one 2019 was, even though I went into thinking it was a poor lineup. 

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per my previous 'runner ups' ramblings, I meant to add Kylie as well...any chance to get another Nick Cave Pyramid experience gives her extra marks but how good was that duet to watch even from way up on the hill where I was. Has there been a bigger Legend crowd? 

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34 minutes ago, tevaburger said:

Has there been a bigger Legend crowd? 

my perception is that the one for Dolly was a bit busier, but I was in a different place so I'm far from sure about that. It was definitely very busy for Kylie, waaaay more than The Cure (who didn't have a small crowd, to be clear [The Cure were the only other Pyramid act I saw]).

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