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eFests Set of the weekend 2019 - VOTE NOW

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Time to vote for the eFests Set of the Weekend 2019.

The rules are simple, name your top three sets. First gets 10 points, second 5, third 3. Once the votes are in I’ll compile and name a winner. 

Voting closes as midnight on Saturday to give people time to think about it.

Mine are:

1. The Killers

2. Fontaines DC (Leftfield Sunday)

3. Vampire Weekend

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Right then, it's taken all morning but I have finished compiling and totting up all of the votes so far... it is close! Right now any of the top three could still pinch it. Between you all a whop

I don’t often get to namedrop, and weirdly this is almost the opposite of namedropping - I was working on the vehicle gate out the back of the Common where the SE corner camping and caravans were, che

Was there a secret set in coach park? Let me guess. Chris Martin 

I wasn't there but the only set I got FOMO for was Lizzo!

I knew she was going to be great, I watched it on iPlayer and loved her set so I can only imagine how amazing it would have been live! 

Hopefully she'll play again and I can see her!!!! 

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Tame Impala (Apocalypse Dreams was probably my fav one track Glasto  moment ever) 

Foals (admittedly I was front rows so didn't deal with reported sound issues) 

Kola Roasta in (The Wormhole)

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1. Lizzo (blew me away!)

2. Chemical Brothers

3. Fontaines DC (Williams Green) - despite the heat ?

Big ups too to Fatoumata Diawara (exceptional), Jungle, Janelle Monae, Snapped Ankles and a new Aussie band Young Offenders at Strummerville. Got chatting to the drummer who was serving behind the bar the following day. Check them out.

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