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The Charlatans to replace Snow Patrol


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6 minutes ago, Pollulu said:

Gutted, pretty much the only decent guitar band this year. 

I wont be able to sing the peace out now - no one else I know the words to the songs ?????

hope the dude gets better soon 

More influential than The Cure then you reckon?

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2 minutes ago, Sasperella said:

IDLES have some guitars 

Hubby just asked who’s idles lol. I googled them few weeks ago when people were raving about them but not that great, that’s just my opinion - good luck to them and those who love them. 

(Hubby giving out to me for saying they not that great, jeez it’s a danger to open your mouth lol)

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That's a shame, my Mum wanted to see them.

Also, disappointed anyone is celebrating them having to cancel; there'll be a lot of people who were really looking forward to it. 

Seems like they managed to sort out a good replacement at least ?

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4 hours ago, CaledonianGonzo said:

If this does happen I hope we get wind of it asap cos I'll have an appointment with Rosalia.

Saw her at Primavera. She may have some odd fashion choices but by 'eck what a lovely voice. I doubt you would be disappointed.

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