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This time next week...

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We're planning to leave Glasgow mid-morning on Tuesday so hopefully by this time next week we should pretty far south! Quick stop at Asda in Bristol for last minute supplies and then a final pit stop

That’s if we remember to pick you up ???

Will be resting up in Bath after a ferry from Dublin and a long drive South ! 

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Pretty much as I’m doing now, ‘cept I’m in the constituency of Bliar at the mo.

In a pub, in Lydford, imbibing local cider and having my last civilised meal for 6 days. Wondering whether to have another pint, and a dessert, or head off to bed early

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This time next week I will be in bed, 100% not asleep because I’m too excited, and thinking about how I really need to be asleep because I have to get up at 5am...

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Should be an hour in to my journey on the 6am coach from London. Hopefully I'll be getting a bit of extra kip to compensate for getting up at 4am, but in all reality I'll be awake from excitement with some sneaky bag beers and a deck of cards at the ready if/when we hit some nasty traffic. 

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