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Secret Sets/TBA's 2019

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Whilst @Tuna has done a sterling job in the TBA's thread, it's the time of year again when we will start a thread that will be updated with the latest secrets and TBA's on the line up, until the end o

Top tip:  Don't ever look at the line up and you'll find secret sets everywhere you go.

I’m not that bothered about seeing Vampire Weekend in the park - but I’m glad cos it’ll just give me a chance to get into the south east corner early.

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1 hour ago, mufcok said:

I'm probably been thick here but what exactly is this radio 2 show and where on the festival does it take place?

Zoe Ball's radio show is being broadcast from site on Friday.

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45 minutes ago, thisisthesam said:

Is best place for announcements the @secretglasto twitter account?

Yes.  You can check the first page of this thread for a preview of what will be tweeted, but there will be extra sets on Twitter that don't appear on here, because loads of new ones come in during the festival and it would be a full time job to keep this thread up to date + tweet once the festival has started.

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2 minutes ago, stereodista said:

Mystery Jets playing The Rabbit Hole on Friday night as part of the Transgressive takeover.

Playing or DJin?

Blaine has just come out of hospital so dont know if it would be live. 

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7 minutes ago, stereodista said:

‘Exclusive live acoustic set’, apparently.

Screenshot 2019-06-24 at 11.36.12.jpg

Great news!!

Can someone again confirm which part of this rabbit hole / funkingham palace place is actually the rabbit hole? I'm always very confused / drunk / spangled

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When  people get on site, can they check the merchandise stalls and update this group with anything that's being sold by acts that aren't on the line up? In 2017,  Elbow had merch for sale, and they were one of the special guests, so any info will be great :)

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