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s(NO)w patrol

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I'm not offended and I'm not a Snow Patrol fan. Why would someone that hates a band so much click on a thread of their name just to be a dick is my point, they're the ones that hate anyone else h

So did Radiohead

There are five of them, one is ashamed of being there.

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From the Snow Patrol era bands... I once randomly stumbled across (then blagged into) an Athlete pub room gig for their fans. Long after their hay day. They were mint. Just one  effects rack to carry the sound, and it was like listening the original studio polishes.

(Snow Patrol... a few tunes of theirs I think are gems, but their only live performance I heard was shite. Live 8. Hopefully that was one off?)

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On 6/12/2019 at 3:48 PM, Stocksey said:

I like snow patrol. Comfortable, middle of the road, some good sing along songs.

Shame if the miss out... but if they do any chance of stereophonics stepping in? they're not busy that weekend?

Like stepping over a dog turd and then falling in a cowpat 

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34 minutes ago, crazyfool1 said:

Caught a bit of George Ezra (not my intention ) saying he had hurt his foot at Isle of Wight .... Is it wrong of me to hope ... :) 

Yes, go see IDLES instead, or take a walk. 

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13 minutes ago, danbailey80 said:

Interesting fact regarding George Ezra and Athlete. The bloke from Athlete co-writes Ezra's big hits... So he must be loaded now . Good for him. 

...and good news about Snow Patrol playing. 


Yup, and Preston from Ordinary Boys has written for Cher, Enrique Iglesias, Olly Murs etc. I haven't checked but I assume whoever the lead so get of The Automatic is will probably be coining it in too

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2 minutes ago, fightoffyour said:

So the original guitarist isn’t essential to their sound anymore? Right.

Turns out the effects pedal he uses is essential to their sound. The guitarist tried to hide that from the rest of the band for years. It's all come out now.

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