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2 hours ago, Ni&co said:

Still, I expect next year's edition to be more expensive, and they'd make us pay the difference... Not sure how i feel about that, i'd like to know that i have a choice between going or not

No, normally not more expensive (not a lot)

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For one time... Nice quality names still to come for RW. A lot of them. A lot of great female acts too. This batch of names was logic. People who are liking the more commercial names are happy no

Are you also an insider in the World Health Organization?

It is not that difficult, Jazebel is closer to the fire.  that was my information and I shared it, i hope that they will release another name this week. it is not a battle...

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23 hours ago, Ken19 said:

No, normally not more expensive (not a lot)

If we keep the credit as they call it, will we get the tickets at the same price as this year or do we still pay extra on top of the credit we have?

Any words about a possible 5th day so far?

Thanks for the info you are sharing with us btw! 

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I don't think that the people who were having a combi in 2020 have to pay extra in 2021... 🙂 Let's hope they can work this out. 

It's too early to say it will happen, that is a long and difficult proces. Just hope that 2021 can go trough. 



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On 4/23/2020 at 1:13 PM, Judithmt said:

I think I've read that they usually have insurance; that's why Werchter could still go on when it was near flooded some years ago. The insurance company paid for all the necessary measures to get the go ahead. This year they waited till February to have a clear indication of the festival costs, but by then Corona spread and it wasn't possible to get insurance anymore.

all festivals will have insurance, it's a legal requirement for basically any public event. RW and every semi-legit festival will have insurance.

on many insurance policies, pandemic/infectious disease cover may be an optional extra. It's quite likely that if it isn't included as standard, most businesses in this part of the world wouldn't have added it on.

and even the ones that have added it on, or have it as standard, might not be covered.

I saw a mention of one for a bar, which has "loss of earnings as a result of pandemic" included in the standard policy. The actual details state that this is defined as an outbreak within 25km of the bar resulting in loss of earnings.

You might think that it's pretty straight-forward, there's a global pandemic, and the bar is closed as a result, so insurance kicks in.

Insurance company: Show us the specific outbreak that has occurred within 25kms of your bar, and prove how this specific outbreak has directly resulted in loss of earnings. - What constitutes an "outbreak"? What if there isn't multiple documented cases within 25km of your business, yet the government has imposed a blanket country-wide ban? If a person is diagnosed at hospital 50km away, but lives 1km from the bar, is that included?

The insurance company will argue about the technicalities all the way to court, where they have much bigger resources for a protracted legal battle on their liabilities, compared to the bar, as well as the wider implications if they lose.

Insurance companies will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying out anything, let alone in this current crisis.

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