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Introducing FestivalBag a cure for festival waste!!!

Nick Bennett

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If you haven’t purchased your camping equipment for Reading please read on: 
FestivalBag is Launching at Reading Festival and I could really do with your help to raise awareness for a new and innovative way of moving camping equipment to and from a festival. Please be part of a revolution! 

Please check out our crowdfunding page. 


Please  become part of our tribe and help keep your equipment out of landfill 

Thanks for spreading the word 

NICK ????

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I can't quite figure out how this offering works (and it might be because I have started on the gin, but I have read it several times now and I still have questions!) There is one option 'Beginner' where for £85-£100 pounds a bag containing a new tent, sleeping bag, chair + other bits gets delivered to the festival site for you. You pick it up at the festival, use it, then at the end drop it off at a collection point at the festival site and it gets delivered to your home for you (for later reuse). This sounds pretty good, though I can't help thinking a service that did this with your own gear would be much more popular - especially if it was for a competitive price (i.e quite a bit less than the cost of buying all new gear for next year).

The 'Basic' option seems absolutely bananas though, for £75 you get the bag of camping stuff, but it is delivered to your house and you still have to carry it all there and back...not really sure what you're gaining there over buying your own stuff (or borrowing it from a friend or whatever - I'd really like to encourage people not to view tents as single-use, disposable items).

Then there is the mysterious 'Best' option - for which there is no information provided whatsoever?

And what if you don't want to keep the tent at the end, is there an option where the company keeps and reuses/recycles it after they collect it and it costs slightly less? If the tents had been damaged you would be in a good position to take one with broken poles and one with broken fabric and combine them to make one completely unbroken tent (and one thoroughly broken one, lol).

All in all there are some nice ideas there, and potential for it to get even better, I hope it grows to include some of the stuff I've mentioned. 


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