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Who Are Your Headliners?


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7 hours ago, Winslow Leach said:

Incredible, wasn't it? Proper 'future headliner' vibes from it, if she can build up the right momentum.

Definitely! Reckon if she nails it with the next album (and I have no doubt she will) then I can definitely see festivals like Latitude calling. Pyramid next year subbing Elton would be the dream.

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Friday is Tame Impala, for sure, and Janelle Monae easily takes it for Sunday. As for Saturday, it's a bit of a limp free-for-all. I've seen Hot Chip and Chemical Brothers recently, I've seen The Killers the last two summers and not sure I want to take the Wu-Tang risk. Anyone know what's happening with John Peel on Saturday night? 

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Jon Hopkins 

Hot Chip 

The Streets


The Streets being one of those acts I've listened to since first getting airplay, and always managed to miss live. So I'm expecting to fall down a hole in the way to JPT on the Sunday night... 

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I love the variety of acts people are planning to see for their headliners. Other years it's seemed like more or less everyone was going to be at the same headline shows but this time there's a nice mix.

Mine is most likely to be

Frank Turner

The Killers

The Cure

But all of them could change depending on where I am beforehand or what the mood is like.

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Well the tentative plan is:

Fri. Catch some Stormzy out of interest before either Frank Turner or Cat Power - sort of depends on mood on the day but after seeing the number of Frank Turner votes on here that's going to be rammed which might take the Stormzy bit out of the equation.

Sat. Kate Tempest > Hot Chip - evening in The Park

Sun. Fantastic Negrito then late to CATQ or 2nd half of Cure.

Having written that down it looks a bit indecisive apart from Saturday so I could end up anywhere. 2017 Sunday I ended up,in The Glade - totally unplanned.

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10 hours ago, Cockney_Jesus said:

Stormzy, Hot Chip and either Christine or The Cure (or a bit of each if I can).

Thought seeing Chris at All Points East would make things easier but she was so good I need another round!

With you on Chris - seeing her at APE makes it harder to not see her again! Before Janelle would have been nailed on for me.

No idea about Friday - maybe Frank in Avalon. 

Saturday - Killers because everyone I’m going with wants to go. I’ve seen them loads before so not fussed but will be fun in a good group 

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20 minutes ago, deadpheasant said:

He's a huge name so I'm expecting the same. I'm really surprised he's only on for 30 minutes but looking forward to it nonetheless.

Really hoping he pops up somewhere else over the weekend. Seems a big name to just pop over from the states for a half hour slot on a Thursday. Got a new album to promote too. Definitely getting to Truth early as am too convinced it’ll be chocka. 

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