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Recommend me some hidden gems

stuartbert two hats

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...Bumping this to say ta for the recommendations :) On first inspection the line-up was feeling a bit top-heavy for me (or my assumptions about various artists' timeslots has been a bit 'out'), but via this thread I've picked up a few good tips to more than fill up some of my daytime gaps. Particularly gutted about Ibibio Sound Machine's billing at Avalon now adding to Saturday night clash-o-rama for me though!

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Some of these have been picked up already:

On the electro poppy side of things - Shura, Sigrid, She Drew the Gun

Singer songwriter type - Soak

Ibibio Sound Machine - bit of UK Afrobeat

My Baby - God knows what to class them as. Dutch blues / rock / freakout

Davos - does piano led-remixes of house classics, be a nice way to ease into Sunday morning

Dancey stuff - Leon Vynehall, George Fitzgerald

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On 5/23/2019 at 6:26 PM, Brave Sir Robin said:

You're in for a treat! Lovely little tent in a nice part of the Green Fields. Usually associate it with more folky stuff but they do have a range of other stuff as well this year (playlist).

All solar powered as well I believe? Saw Michael eavis doing a singsong in there 2016

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Mentioned these in the surprise thread, but Eyre Llew are worth checking out if you're about early, 11am on John Peel. Massive sounding post-rock, caught em live a few times and they're really really good. Also playing the Earache stage at 4am as the sun comes up on the Monday, could be a real moment to end the weekend.

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I am really liking the sound of Ama Lou, Park Stage Saturday....

In fact, if Doves get the TBA slot in the afternoon i will actually stay there all day....!

Mattiel, Love Unlimited Synth Orchestra, Kurt Vile, Kate Tempest... and of course Hot Chip.. (i will have to go for a curry during Sons of Kemet mind....)

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