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Glastonbury festival work

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9 hours ago, Destiny2019 said:

I’m looking for work at Glastonbury festival for me and my friend. If you know of any please let me know x

why wait until now ? - its 35 days until many of the volunteers will be onsite - sure there is a very slim chance but you would have to be very lucky.

there is many ways to get to be a Volunteer but you have to apply at the right time ' and now is not the right time ' 

I Organise a Team and they were contacted 150 days ago and they had to confirm by 100 days ago and its like that most years.Crew Coaches were sorted out over 30 days ago.

You may get paid work but that means 12+ hour shifts per day.

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Fair play for asking. I have about 5 people already lined up in the job queue - just awaiting for the inevitable last minute drop outs.  

Join every single festival based FB group there is and be available until the very last minute. Scour the Internet daily and be flexible with your offer, expectations and timings.

In 2017 I was able to offer my mate a full crew pass for simply being available to collect and deliver a baby grand piano to site. That would have been half a days work for a 5 days party. 

Unfortunately he didn’t answer his phone for two hours as he was busy waterskiing and someone else stepped up and snagged it. 

His loss, but you get the gist....


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