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5G @ Glastonbury 2019


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9 minutes ago, Roger G Lewis said:

A general comment As in previous years, a number of studies had to be excluded from the evaluation due to poor quality and missing information. Most of the excluded studies provided no, or incomplete, dosimetric information, or failed to include sham-exposed controls. Without dosimetric information, any effects cannot be related to an exposure level and without a sham-exposed group it is not possible to attribute any effects to the actual EMF exposure. It is very unfortunate that investigators are not adhering to international standards concerning the reporting of their studies, and that journals often do not have an adequate peer-review system that corrects such omissions. There can also be a risk that doing bad quality studies and making people afraid may have some impact on their health and well-being and is another reason why only studies with high quality protocols should be funded, performed and published. Articles not taken into account in this report, due to insufficient scientific quality, are listed in an Appendix together with the reasons for their dismissal.


The Latest report 

Web site of Swedish Metrological Society-



For funny story on Metrology see Sheldrakes talk on the science delusion. it starts at 10 miutes its about Big G and not 5g, just to be clear.


4.1.4. Mitochondrial DNA Several parameters related to the stability of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) were examined by Sun et al. (2017) in human-derived promyelocytic leukaemia (HL-60) cells. Cultures were exposed for 4 53 h/day for five consecutive days to 900 MHz, continuous wave, at 120 µW/cm2 power intensity corresponding to a calculated average SAR of 2.5 × 10−4 W/kg. Following the exposure, cells were collected after 30 min, 4 h or 24 h. The damage to mtDNA mediated through reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation, the effect on 8-hydroxy-2-dexoyguanosine (8-OHdG, a biomarker for oxidative damage), and on the mitochondrial synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) were measured. The results of three independent experiments indicated that ROS formation was increased at 30 min and 4 h (p < 0.05), but not at 24 h after RF exposure, while 8-OHdG levels were decreased for all the exposure durations investigated (p<0.05). Moreover, the mitochondrial transcription factor A, mtDNA polymerase gamma, mtDNA transcripts and mtDNA copy number was significantly decreased in exposed cells compared to sham exposed ones (p<0.05). In addition, a significant decrease in ATP levels was also detected in RF-exposed cells (p<0.05). Treatment of the cells with melatonin, a wellknown free radical scavenger, for 4 h before RF exposure was able to attenuate mitochondrial dysfunction as well as mtDNA damage. Overall, the results from this investigation suggest that RF exposure affects ROS production leading to mitochondrial dysfunctions. The results refer to a cancer cell line. It should be interesting to confirm these findings on healthy cells under several exposure conditions in terms of frequency, modulation and SAR values.


What has been observed? Overall, the epidemiological data show some weak indications for an association between prolonged and intensive use of a mobile phone and an increased incidence of gliomas (brain tumours) and acoustic neuromas (tumours on the acoustic nerve). In some cases these findings lack biological plausibility. Some studies showed for instance increased risks after a short period of use, which is not compatible with the long period of development of the tumours in question. In other studies an increase in the number of tumours was not observed with the highest exposure level, but only with lower ones. This is also in contrast to expectations. Furthermore, data on the incidence of the relevant tumours from the Netherlands and other countries worldwide do not provide support for a causal relationship. For meningiomas, pituitary tumours and parotid gland tumours, no indications for an association with mobile phone use have been observed. 85 The animal studies do not provide evidence for induction of tumours by exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields. Such exposure may have a promoting effect on the development of tumours, but the indications for this are weak and have been observed in only one, very specific, animal model.


Is there reason to limit exposure? From the conclusions formulated above it follows that the value of any measures to reduce exposure is unclear. Nevertheless, the Committee would like to repeat its previous suggestion: apply the ALARA principle. This means that exposures should be As Low As Reasonably Achievable. There is, for instance, no need for any device to transmit with greater power or for a longer period of time than needed for an adequate connection. This is fully in line with the suggestions from the Health Council’s advisory report Prudent precaution. Is more research necessary? There is still very limited information on really long-term effects in humans. Some epidemiological studies have follow-up times of more than 13 years, but with generally few subjects in the highest exposure categories. The latency times for development of the relevant tumours are most likely longer. The Committee therefore considers it important to continue the ongoing cohort studies evaluating the health effects of mobile phone use, in order to provide more conclusive human evidence. The exposure characterization in all currently available studies is very poor. It is therefore very important that ongoing and future studies incorporate more accurate and objective assessment of RF exposure. This is even more important since personal exposure to RF continues to change due to evolving patterns of use and new mobile telecommunication devices. 5.2. The 2016 ANSES Recommendations on exposure to radiofrequency waves. Following a request by the Ministries of Health, Ecology and Consumer Affairs, ANSES conducted an expert assessment on the specific impact of radiofrequency waves on children. The conclusions of this assessment were published in July 2016. Recommendations of the Agency All of the potential health effects of radiofrequency waves, both carcinogenic and otherwise, were studied and their levels of proof classified using a method based on that used by the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). The conclusions of the risk assessment published in 2013 do not show any proven health effects. Certain publications do however show a possible increase in the long-term risk of brain tumours for intensive users of mobile telephones.


Appendix of excluded studies.

Appendix: Studies excluded from analysis Articles were identified in relevant scientific literature data bases such as PubMed as well as in the specialized database EMF Portal. Further, reference lists of articles were screened for relevant papers. Several studies had to be excluded from further analysis as they did not fulfil quality criteria. In this Appendix, these studies5 are listed and the reasons for exclusion are indicated. The list is divided into cell studies, animal studies, human studies and epidemiological studies.

see at page 99.

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This is one of the excluded papers, excluded from the swedish report becuase.
Roggeveen et al. (2015a), Roggeveen et al. (2015b) single-blind experiments, no within subject control of time-of-day (experiments were carried out between 9 am and 5 pm), no detailed dosimetric characterisation of exposure (use of a 3G smartphone with SAR information according to the manual: 0.69 W/kg), no clear sham exposure control condition (one of the four consecutive conditions always was a real exposure – “dialling” – condition). There is no information on the control of interference exposure system and recording device (EEG and “Radiation” were recorded simultaneously). Experiments were performed in a nonshielded room. EEG was recorded with shielded electrodes (no specification on how shielding of electrodes was achieved), no information on the reference for EEG recordings (linked mastoids or contralateral ear).


By now, the neurophysiological effect of electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure and its underlying regulating mechanisms are not well manifested. In this study, we aimed to investigate whether acute long‐term evolution (LTE) EMF exposure could modulate brain functional connectivity using regional homogeneity (ReHo) method and seed‐based analysis on resting‐state functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). We performed the LTE‐EMF exposure experiment and acquired the resting‐state brain activities before and after EMF exposure. Then we applied ReHo index to characterize the localized functional connectivity and seed‐based method to evaluate the inter‐regional functional connectivity. Statistical comparisons were conducted to identify the possible evidence of brain functional connectivity modulation induced by the acute LTE‐EMF exposure. We found that the acute LTE‐EMF exposure modulated localized intra‐regional connectivity (p < 0.05, AlphaSim corrected, voxel size ≥ 18) and inter‐regional connectivity in some brain regions (p < 0.05, AlphaSim corrected, voxel size ≥ 18). Our results may indicate that the approaches relying on network‐level inferences could provide deeper insight into the acute effect on human functional activity induced by LTE‐EMF exposure. Bioelectromagnetics. 40:42–51, 2019. © 2018 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.


Its obviously a massive field of study and one in which Bump+er stickers simply will not do, This is though by no means a settled question. 

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Scientists warn of potential serious health effects of 5G September 13, 2017 We the undersigned, more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries, recommend a moratorium on the roll-out of the fifth generation, 5G, for telecommunication until potential hazards for human health and the environment have been fully investigated by scientists independent from industry. 5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, etc. for telecommunications already in place. RF-EMF has been proven to be harmful for humans and the environment. (Note: Blue links below are references.)


Regarding the Conspiracy Theory Snobs. I give you Complots of Mischief.


Complots Of Mischief, Charles Pidgen. Conspiracy Snobbery.

 rogerglewis  Uncategorized  August 17, 2017 4 Minutes
Lance De Haven and Charles Pidgen, the next time some intellectual snob dis´s your suggestion that not all that people learn from History Books or NewsPapers is the truth, point them at these two gentlemen.



Let us start with History. In the electronic edition of the Collected Works and Correspondence of David Hume39, the word ‘conspiracy’ occurs 191 times (a), the word  ‘conspiracies’, 45 times, the word ‘conspirators’, 70 times, ‘conspirator’, 12 times, ‘conspired’, twice, ‘conspire’, 11 times, ‘conspired’, 23 times, ‘conspird’ (a misspelling of ‘conspired’), twice, ‘conspiring’, 8 times, ‘plot’ 94 times, ‘plots’, 9 times, ‘plotted’ twice, and ‘ploter’ (a rather amusing variant of ‘plotter’), three times. Concentrating on the word ‘conspiracy’, about three come from editors or correspondents such as Lady Hervey, and about ten concern the crazy theory, hatched in the paranoid brain of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, that ‘d’Alembert, Horace Walpole, and [Hume had] entered into a Conspiracy against him to lead him into England, and ruin him, by settling him in a most commodious and agreeable Manner, and by doubling his Income’40. There are four casual uses of ‘conspiracy’ in the Essays and The Natural History of Religion, in which Hume alludes to a historical conspiracy before going on to make some other historical, sociological or philosophical point. For example: ‘That bloody debauchee [the Emperor Commodus] being murdered by a conspiracy suddenly formed between his wench and her gallant, who happened at that time to be Praetorian Praefect; these immediately deliberated about choosing a master to human kind ….’ 41 There are several occurrences of ‘conspiracy’ in Hume’s letters to his fellow historian, William Robertson, in which he discusses (on the basis of state papers, intercepted correspondence and the like) the complicity of Mary, Queen of Scots in various conspiracies against her husband, Lord Darnley, her cousin, Elizabeth I and her son, James VI: ‘I am afraid, that you, as well as myself, have drawn Mary’s character with too great softenings. She was undoubtedly a violent woman at all times. You will see in Murden proofs of the utmost rancour against her innocent, good-natured, dutiful son. She certainly disinherited him. What think you of a conspiracy for kidnapping him, and delivering him a prisoner to the King of Spain, never to recover his liberty till he should turn Catholic?’ 42 However, the vast bulk of the uses of ‘conspiracy’ occur in Hume’s six volume History of England, long regarded as a standard work And in most of these uses Hume is simply recounting in a matter-of –fact way the conspiracies he finds in his sources: ‘A secret conspiracy was entered into to perpetrate in one day a general massacre of the Normans, like that which had formerly been executed upon the Danes..’ (History, vol. 1, p. 195); ‘A conspiracy of his [that is, William II’s] own barons, which was detected at this time, appeared a 40 Greig ed. (1932b) The Letters of David Hume, vol. 2, Letter 358 to Suard, p. 103. 41 Hume David (1985) Essays, Moral Political and Literary, ed. Eugene F. Miller, Indianapolis, Liberty Fund, p. 483, ‘Of the Original Contract’. 42 Greig ed. (1932a) The Letters of David Hume, vol. 1, Letter 162 to Robertson, p. 229


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Cheers Neil! Makes sense.

But yeah this is just spam now fresh account Rog, you're not actually reading or responding to people anymore.

I love all this BANNED SECRET MATERIAL THAT NOBODY WANTS YOU TO SEE that's freely available to anyone with youtube and google.

"more than 180 scientists and doctors from 35 countries"

You know what I reckon there are a lot more than 5 scientists and doctors per country. That's a terrible terrible thing to bring up for your case.

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On 7/2/2019 at 2:12 PM, Derek Reynolds said:

Not the beer then! In fencing (not the garden or field type) when your opponent has scored a hit to your person with his/her foil, you call out 'touché!' to denote he/she has touched you - scored.

Which is... exactly how they used it albeit in a sarcastic way because you've only made contact with yourself for the entire swordfight.

This is exactly the same bullshit as people talked about analog mobile phones when they appeared. Then the same logic was used when they went digital. Then the same logic was used when WAP and GPRS came in. Then it was home WiFi. Then 3G. Then 4G.

At least come up with different reasons rather than the exact same ones that have been shot down continually by theory AND experience for the last 30 years.

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On 7/3/2019 at 10:30 AM, darkcamel said:

Don't be a tool dismissing people whose opinion you disagree with as loons. Government ministers, scientists and researchers have all expressed serious concerns about 5G and the lack of testing of the biological effects of it on the population. 

Brussel government, and Geneva and Vaud Switzerland have ALL halted 5G rollout over health concerns after power output from 5g exceeded their safety thresholds. Government ministers have said they would not let their citizens be used as guinea pigs.

Celine Fremault, Minister of the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region Responsible For Housing, Quality Of Life, Environment And Energy released the statement in an interview with L’Echo:“I cannot welcome such technology if the radiation standards, which must protect the citizen, are not respected, 5G or not. The people of Brussels are not guinea pigs whose health I can sell at a profit. We cannot leave anything to doubt."
See https://www.worldhealth.net/news/brussels-first-major-city-halt-5g-due-health-effects/
Dutch MPs have also called for a halt to 5G until the WHO has done more testing..GroenLinks is urging the Lower House in the Dutch parliament for an independent investigation by the Health Council into 5G radiation. Laura Bromet, member of parliament: “We still don’t know about the dangers to public health. Little research has been done into the effects of 5G. We need to take people’s concerns seriously and investigate this. ”

Dismiss them all as conspiracy theorists if you wish, but I would argue you are being extremely foolhardy. France has banned all WIFI from nursery schools over health concerns, as radiation penetrates childs skulls more easily. Dismiss them as conspiracy theorists if you will.

There is no scientific consensus as to whether 5G is safe or not. It has NOT been proven beyond any doubt to be safe. Government funded research often gives the answers their customers want. Many non industry funded research papers link wireless radiation to biological effects on cells. See https://ehtrust.org/science/research-on-wireless-health-effects/ Thats why hundreds of scientists have called on the EU to halt 5G rollout until more H&S testing has been done into the biological effects.Industry, unsuprisingly does not recognise wireless radiation can cause biological damage.. imagine the law suits! Major insurers will not insurer wireless device manufacturers against being sued for health problems. Interesting... Many scientific peer reviewed reports have indicated biological and DNA changes as a result of wireless, NON ionising radiation. See the 5G Appeal site, and the AUVA report https://www.jrseco.com/major-austrian-insurer-auva-finds-effects-of-cell-phones-on-dna-eeg-and-human-proteins/ or the EU Reflex study https://www.jrseco.com/eu-reflex-study-shows-dna-damage-caused-by-radiation-from-wireless-devices-and-mobile-phones/

Did you join the forum specifically to post this?

This is some organised trolling...

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23 hours ago, frostypaw said:

I love all this BANNED SECRET MATERIAL THAT NOBODY WANTS YOU TO SEE that's freely available to anyone with youtube and google.

That's the best bit. As if it's not actually harder to avoid this conspiracy crap than get bombarded with it whenever you follow a recommendation on YouTube, read a forum or flick through Facebook. It's everywhere you look and always available on major platforms.

It's like NME readers having a go at your music taste for being too mainstream. ?

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48 minutes ago, Roger G Lewis said:

See my profile @frostypaw. I responded to the comments about not commenting, I had filled my quote yesterday.

First They came for the Skeptics?

no, if 5g is dangerous, its coming for everyone, there's no escape from it (maybe with a tin foil hat?).

And 'everyone' would include millions of engineers around the world, happily killing themselves.

Think about it. :) 

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11 minutes ago, Magma said:

You know what? I'd rather have 5G nanobots drilling into my prefrontal cortex 24/7 than allow the words of Tommy fucking Robinson anywhere near my ear canal.

Indeed, what's this c*nt doing here at all, surely just to troll?

The provocative comments about the festival, Extinction Rebellion or other posters "I am not making any truth claims regarding 5 g or even about the bona-fides of Glastonbury as a much loved institution of the Liberal elites."

Shove yer TFH pal and I hope it bloody hurts :D 

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1 hour ago, Roger G Lewis said:

See my profile @frostypaw. I responded to the comments about not commenting, I had filled my quote yesterday.

First They came for the Skeptics?

Christ, turns out you're even more fucking stupid than I already thought you were.

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1 minute ago, Roger G Lewis said:

Ad hominem the last resort of the hard of thinking.

Not really here buddy. you're rehashing arguments that have been answered already, ignoring everyone else other than insulting them as idiots if they actually understand what they're talking about rather than just getting scared and re-sharing your already debunked tripe.

All this stuff you're passing about relies on you not having paid attention in school. What results did you get in whatever Sweden has instead of GCSEs in Physics and Biology and Maths?

Did you do a degree in any of those subjects?

Do we really need to conduct experiments for you to show you cars don't run on gravy? Or can we just laugh and say no.

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6 minutes ago, sprocketrocket said:

What has Tommy Fuckwit Robinson got to do with made up 5G facts? 

The alt right social media addicts just roll it all into one. 5G, Soros, racism, immigrants, Brexit etc. To save time I suppose. Have a scroll through this made scones twitter account. Quite insane.

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