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Hi friends, 

Very excited for this year's festival! Line-up is as blissfully weird as ever. I have the Clashfinder all fired up and ready to go as soon as the agonising clashes are announced. 

Was hoping for a little bit of advice. This year will be my first where I have to get back to work in waaaaaaay East London at 8:30 on Monday morning. Is there any workable way to get back to London very early Monday morning / very late Sunday night? Would love to just put in a deeply sleepy Monday and miss as little music as possible. 

I've put in a request on Lift Share, but reckon it may be too early or unexpected to get a lift from there. Obviously there are trains too but impossible to take them without missing a pre-work shower or a Sunday headliner? 

Do you think I should resign myself to simply leaving early Sunday? 

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If you can get to Salisbury, then there's a train leaving at 2227 to Waterloo, arriving at 2358 so you'd miss the last few bands. Your braver option is the 0510, getting in at 0641.... Get up early, grab a shower at the festival. Hope there's an early bus to Salisbury, get changed into your work clothes, Bingo!

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On 8/8/2019 at 4:14 PM, The Nal said:

On the travel, which is the best route from Bristol? A37 or A361/A350?

We used A36 through Bath then on to A350 last year and it was fine all the way. We travelled Friday AM peak time. It is a longer journey than we imagined though, so take your time and chill out.

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