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What's the best track by.....

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They are all shite (in my opinion)

Putting together a Spotify playlist and only want to put one track by each artist so I thought I'd ask the forum for their favourite track by each artist, one at a time. No point starting a thread abo

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Results for Liam Gallagher

Winner: Champagne Supernova (8 votes)

Slide Away (7)
Live Forever (7)
For What It's Worth (6)
Columbia (4)
Rock 'N' Roll Star (3)
Supersonic (3)
Some Might Say (2)
Cigarettes and Alcohol (2)
Cast No Shadow (1)
All I Need (1)
Never Wanna Be Like You (1)
Wall Of Glass (1)
Acquiesce (1)
Don't Look Back In Anger (1)
Second Bite of the Apple (1)
Soul Love (1)
Whatever (1)
D’ yer Wanna be a Spaceman (1)
Rockin' Chair (1)
You Better Run (1)


Just so there's no confusion, every time somebody said two songs I took the first as their vote. Next up:

Christine and the Queens

I'm abstaining from this one.

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