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TRNSMT Lineup 2020


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Supergrass are actually quite realistic to get added high on the Saturday I think.

Still think Tom Walker is a dead cert on there somewhere. Pale Waves potentially bumped to a low main stage slot?

Really looking forward to seeing what King Tut's has lined up. Last couple of years have seen some pretty exceptional lineups on there. If there's a good Friday lineup for it, I'll be delighted.

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If Supergrass gets announced for Saturday I’m going to go nuts as I’ve been a fan for ages. Getting to see them at the Barrowlands next week & I’ve been waiting for 10+ years to see them. Seen Gaz Coombes a few times which was great but seeing Supergrass will be something else. Then along with Keane is a fanboy dream for me 😊

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Just now, fraybentos1 said:

Do you know if that was always the plan or due to the backlash about lack of females last time?


I certainly don't think it seemed intentional, but I don't know 

I don't know exactly who is getting announced tomorrow, I just heard a few names and they were all female, so the dots were adjoined 

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22 minutes ago, __Phoenix said:

Surely you can’t just write off Gerry,Snuts and dmas just because of the gig after it? 

You defo can.

Plus all three of them played last year. It's also not just any old gig, it's Hampden. 

I suppose a small chance of dmas or snuts but no chance of Gerry. For one thing he'd defo be a headliner and they've already been announced.

He will probs headline next year tho. 

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