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2021 Lineup

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8 minutes ago, BeddingatReading said:

A lot of talk on twitter about Bad Boy Chiller Crew being bumped up onto main... I know they've blown up recently but not to the same extent as Billie Eilish in 2019... Can't see it, and surely they wouldnt go any higher than 1st or 2nd, can't see how they would work on the main stage at 12-1pm 

I’ve been hoping for this since the start, they’d pull a fair crowd, more than a few of the main stage guitar bands would and it’d be a quality atmosphere mid afternoon

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18 minutes ago, WillSLeedsFVet said:

Here is the Alt Ldn MGK replacement poster...Maneskin.....


Have the pictures changed? I can't really tell as i don't know what they look like but the quality of the replacement picture around the edge would be a good way to tell if its real

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1 hour ago, Festivalboi36 said:

Has or is Post Malone dropping out same as Machine Gun Kelly ? if this is likely who would be the potential replacement for Post Malone that’s equally on the same level as him ? 

The rumours of Machine Gun Kelly and Post Malone dropping out is nothing more than unverified social media gossip at the mo so I wouldn’t worry about either until it’s 100% confirmed.

I wouldn’t be surprised if one or both will be on stage next weekend.

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2 minutes ago, NoBuses said:

Not 50m, i'm telling you their songs are everywhere on tiktok and being played in most clubs atm

Ah, so the clubs aren't empty because of covid, it's because of Maneskin!!!

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