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2021 Lineup

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Just now, VCK said:

Because people on this website love to complain about "dark fruits" bands, and when there isn't enough female artists on a line-up the only kind of artist they cite who they feel should be there are mainstream pop artists when there's tonnes of talented female musicians out there that aren't just pop.

I don't really care if there's women or black artists on the line-up. If they're good, then get them in. I'm just winding those kinds of people up :lol: 


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Just now, VCK said:

Depends if any female artists who would realistically headline R&L are available. What it boils down to really, rather than the organisers hating women.

Ok for this year I think maybe 7 out of 90 acts were female? That's not ok- the festival completely lacks diversity and that needs to change.

There's dua lipa, Florence, haim, billie, lorde. Just to name a few. I'm not saying they are available for the festival, but I would at least hope the organisers try to reintroduce some diversity to the festival after 6 years without a female headliner.

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Just now, FestivalJamie said:

If there's not im calling for a sh*tstorm.

I mean both Dua and Billie would be amazing headliners that deserve it. They have no excuse if they haven’t got one of those. I’d also like to see smaller female acts down the line up as well

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