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The 'Friday Afternoon Rock Slot'

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Not sure if Courtney Barnett is available this year

Which one? Lust for Life, I Wanna Be Your Dog, The Passenger, Gimme Danger, No Fun, Gardenia, Search and Destroy, China Girl, Candy, Funtime, Nightclubbing  .......

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1 minute ago, deadpheasant said:


Back in 2014 they said they were keen to play the festival if they ever got invited. Perhaps their Boomtown headline performance last year gave EE something to think about. I reckon this is the front runner atm.

It's so on.

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22 minutes ago, deadpheasant said:

Limp Bizkit is a possibility: Playing 30/06 in Germany and no dates announced before that. Big enough and fits the metal tag (at least more than some other acts suggested).


20 minutes ago, Supernintendo Chalmers said:

Was just about to post the same. The campaign for Fred Durst and the Lads starts here

I feel absolutely zero shame in saying that this is by far my preferred option of the realistic names floating about. 

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On a sort of related note....surely they're not going to wait until the end of May when the times get released to give us the remaining names from the main stages. They've never done a "follow up" poster before though, have they?

I need confirmation of Fred Durst so I can go and buy me one of those red caps. Although he does seem to prefer bucket hats nowadays.

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16 minutes ago, Losing my hair said:

Having seen him at the Roundhouse last year, I'd love to see him again - but Metal???

Who said it was "metal" ? Maybe I missed that webex.

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1 minute ago, Wooderson said:

Who said it was "metal" ? Maybe I missed that webex.

Emily did when she mentioned it being a thing on the radio. 

The fact she said metal rather than rock too suggests they've got someone of that ilk.

Limp Bizkit, fuckin' up your town.

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3 minutes ago, Wooderson said:

Who said it was "metal" ? Maybe I missed that webex.

Emily Eavis has revealed that a "metal slot" has now become a feature of the Pyramid Stage line-up, as the Glastonbury Festival organiser gears up for this year's event. 

She said: "We have a metal slot on a Friday.

"Which is on the Friday at about 5pm, and that's a new thing that has just started.

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