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Attn @eFestivals and other users.

Just went in to the forums and something redirected me to a Winx screen which is one of those that wants to con you into thinking you have viruses and get you to click an update button that then downloads them.

I have checked my system and it says it was from something on Efestivals, so maybe an advert.

I have no screen shots of the page as I exited it as quick as possible.

This is a screen shot of my browser history showing the pages it went through, hopefully you can find the culprit.


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On 11/18/2018 at 8:10 AM, eFestivals said:

Thanks, I'll report it back, and hopefully it'll get found and stopped.

image.thumb.png.4678195665653c0e3af7ee7c1ff51139.pngJust got this pop up whilst looking at the headliners thread.  It redirected without me clicking anything.

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