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Fleetwood Mac


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Mick Fleetwods dying words choose a,b or c

A, I wish I'd managed to take that last selfie for £500

B, Damn, shoulda tried being less of a greedy c**t and headlined Glastonbury for the craic. Would have been awesome vibes. 

C, He'll never die, he's a greedy soulless c**t who will live forever. 

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34 minutes ago, John the Moth said:

I might get a bennyhanna t shirt and wear it to the meet

You'll only be allowed to wear it if he doesn't come along then - in fact he'll avoid if he sees you wearing it! So maybe just for the first ten mins for the laugh and then back to your natural wings

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Advice: theyre going to be in Calgary on Nov 12. I've never seen them, I love them, and the cheapest you can get tickets atm is $100 for nosebleed tickets which works out to about £60 ... 

Should I wait and hope someone scalps some off cheaper and/or better seats? 


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On 10/26/2018 at 8:54 PM, bennyhana22 said:


Oh no, @Beerqueen, I'm really very lovely, if entirely intransigent, about this near-absolute truth, save for two exceptions:

1. Metallica - whereby not only is wearing a Metallica t-shirt to a Metallica gig allowed, not to is considered nigh on sacrilege and

2. Ed Sheeran - whereby if you're at an Ed Sheeran gig in an Ed Sheeran t-shirt, what you're wearing is, quite frankly, the least of your worries...



Can I claim special dispensation to add one to the above? I always wear my Hobo Jones T shirt at their sets on Friday afternoon and Saturday midnight :D

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