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Updated the clashfinder. Times are obviously inaccurate as you would expect! Haven't added in the night acts, but will do at some point in the next week.

https://clashfinder.com/s/fieldday19/ Added some very approximate (ie most likely wrong) times for the main stage.

Ive heard from a very very well connected source that missy Elliot is headlining field day

Posted Images

They seem to have been hinting on Instagram where it's going to be...somebody in the comments today says it looks like Walthamstow Marshes, not sure if that's a suitable place to hold a music festival though.


It'd have to be an insanely good lineup for me to go anyway no matter where it is.

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Considering how pretty badly it was organized in Brockwell I'm not surprised. 

The place was overcrowded and at some points dangerous in terms of crowd control. Big acts on stages that were not big enough to handle the crowds showing up for them and various choke points in the layout design that were complete nightmares to get in and out of.

I was hoping they'd look at staying and re-evaluating the layout and such but I guess it's easier to just "blame Brockwell Park" and move away.

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I had a look at google maps for a bit, it definitely looks like the walthamstowe marshes, 


if you look just south of the A1404, pretty much everything in the pictures is there, pipes across rivers, old warehouses, looks nuts. 


If it expands through all the areas in the pictures that means field day 2019 will be HUGE in terms of layout and we might see a warehouse become the barn2.0

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That's faaaaaaaar. 

They are gonna need one hell of a line-up to get people moving off their arse to get all the way up there. 

Not sure if I'd go this year since got I've got Glasto in the same month but we'll see...

I am interested in seeing what they expect their curfew to be, they claim to be aiming to be the London festival that goes on the latest. Since all of them are 11pm, I bet it'll just be 1am.

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Sounds like it's basically going to be a new concept/festival, so really difficult to gauge the size of acts they'll be getting or going after, if Missy is presumably playing on the Friday then I guess they might have a more interesting line up on the Friday and a more dance focused line up for the Saturday? Not sure how involved the Printworks team will be either, interesting to see which way they end up taking the festival tbh.

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