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The Weather Thread 2019

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You twisted my arm... put another log on the fire and pass the hip flask. It's a long yarn, but a good one. Anyone who was there in 2007 knows there was only one way to survive that weekend - and

You think they’d release the weather now the full lineup is out. 

Hi guys.  As suggested by @JoeyT - I've updated the Rainfall records summary table I put together in 2017... The historical data is taken from here:  https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/had

Posted Images

Gold Star for that interpreter of forecasts.
I hope you are going with a group so you can look at the sky and say sagely - well the GFS did say there would be ....." every morning.

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1 hour ago, briddj said:

So, this is. The emotional rollercoaster is over. The last update in full, the 12Z is here!

Sorry for the delay - the Sunday afternoon charts took aggggggeeeesss!

Pressure: Building to a high through the week before beginning to fall after in the early hours of Saturday. This again remains really consistent, with low pressure NOT winning.

Precipitation: We're now CLEAR OF RAIN THROUGH THE WHOLE FESTIVAL except for the miniscule risk of light rain on Sunday afternoon.

This is what it looks like when the gates open:


Max Temperature (BBC app, Accuweather temp in brackets): Wednesday 20 (21, 21), Thursday 21-22 (23, 24), Friday 23 (26, 26), Saturday 23-24 (25, 22), Sunday 20 (20, 20)

Summary: Again temperatures have been tracked down a degree here and there, and the Met Office too is now going with 22 for Saturday rather than the 23-25 shown elsewhere. So the real oppresive heat has definitely being edged further east as the days have gone by. 

Reminder that there will be a very good breeze all weekend - especially Wednesday to Friday. This might well be a bonus, but do be cautious as a breeze can lull you into a false sense of security vis a vis the sun and sun burn! Also, we don't really want that dust kicked up too much!

And that's that from my mega updates. Have a good weekend!

Cheers for you updates lad! Have a good festival man ?

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Thanks to the weather gods and to the fantastic updates from the  weather gurus for navigating us through the "it's going to be a washout" to " it's going to be a scorcher" to IT'S GOING TO BE JUST RIGHT! I'm just about packed, wearing the boots in and have the trainers in the bag. Have a wonderful festival everyone. One more sleep. 

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42 minutes ago, Steveod38 said:

Have a blast folks, loved this and other threads ! We are now in Bath after a shit show of a drive from Holyhead. All sorted with a pint and Van Morrison on the sound system in the pub ! 

I wish I was there with you! I'm currently en route to Bath on the train now, left Manchester at 17:30. Due around 10pm, not long now!

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It’s going to be amazing, no rain, no baking sun, just perfect festival conditions 

Leg 1 complete, Stoke to Bristol, just having a few cheeky beers then stopping my mates house ready for the 7am coach 

Have a fantastic festival, it’s been emotional !!!

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