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The Weather Thread 2019

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You twisted my arm... put another log on the fire and pass the hip flask. It's a long yarn, but a good one. Anyone who was there in 2007 knows there was only one way to survive that weekend - and

You think they’d release the weather now the full lineup is out. 

Hi guys.  As suggested by @JoeyT - I've updated the Rainfall records summary table I put together in 2017... The historical data is taken from here:  https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/had

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25 minutes ago, stopwn1981 said:

Yep, I sense a quiet crawl down on plastic bottles. At the front of stages and in tents it’s going to be ridiculous - water and a fuck tonne of it will need handing out.

My new favourite saying !!!!! 

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11 minutes ago, stopwn1981 said:

Welcome to Glastonbury 20193A26E0F6-A33F-418F-9DC7-BF05F969EBEC.png.cbc93d8c2a7254c24b859cbaa1698cb0.png

This just made mine and my girlfriends bus journey! We're literally going over London Bridge right now and the sun is gloriously reflecting off of the Thames. Crazy to think the weather predictions are so varied. 

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1 hour ago, briddj said:

So here's the 12Z. Can we start to go back up the rollercoaster?

Pressure: Building in through the week as we've always seen. But a huge improvement here as we no longer see the low winning out through Thursday. Here's a comparison between runs, and as you can see the right panel (latest run) keeps the UK in the red rather than the lower pressure orange creeping in and beginning to break up the high pressure.


The low pressure does start to make inroads by Friday evening, but it is now just a glancing blow for the south of the UK.

Precipitation: As usual, dry to tomorrow at 3pm rain the rain comes in but and sticks around to Monday lunchtime. None of it is the really heavy stuff we've seen in past runs though. 

This is how it looks when the gates open on Wednesday - the band of heavy rain shown is tracking the channel and doesn't hit the southwest mainland. There could be some morning showers for Somerset but shouldn't amount to much.


After those possible morning showers on Wednesday, there is no rain showing for the whole festival!

The first day of the festival is going to be sweltering (see below)! And it is showing as 25-26 degrees at midnight, and it's back to that again by 9am Saturday...


There is a heavy band of rain on Saturday which is showing as hitting north Wales and north west, so we just need to be wary of that.

Look at the temperature!


Max Temperature: Sunday 19, Monday 20-21, Tuesday 23-24, Wednesday 23-24, Thursday 24, Friday 27-28, Saturday 29-30, Sunday 19-20

Summary: This is a massively improved run, and at last the GFS is getting back in line with the ECM. It's not quite aligning, as the low pressure does still fight back over the weekend. But now it does not bring the weather fronts in, though it is much cooler (will be a relief!) on the Sunday.

So bar perhaps some Wednesday morning showers, we are currently BACK ON TRACK. Let's hope the pockets of rain that are around, and currently not showing to hit the south west, stay the hell away.

See you back here at 11.20.....

I love you.

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