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The Weather Thread 2019


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3 minutes ago, briddj said:

I'm not even bothering with a full 06Z update. It's too depressing. We go again at 5.30ish......

I trust the ECM though....

We'd better hope that the GPS is run by Trump like incompetent liars, because their forecasts are getting worse and worse

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Exec summary at the moment for anyone not following the ups and downs:

- There's a big low in the Atlantic which is drawing up the hot air from Africa across Europe

- ECM and UKMO models show that low staying out over the Atlantic, keeping high pressure over us and bringing dry, warm weather for second half of next week across Southern UK (giving us great conditions)

- GFS model did agree until late yesterday, but is now producing models that show that low coming in over the UK bringing a lot of rain to West Country

- This is why some sites are showing great weather at the same time as others are showing shit weather

So essentially it's all still on a knife edge, and we're desperately hoping that the GFS will start to agree with ECM and UKMO rather than the other way around.

And that's all the weather. 


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