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The Weather Thread 2019


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27 minutes ago, Duggyfresh44 said:

Yes but in this case we only want to know about Somerset! More specifically Pilton!

Ha ha....the all important. Pity the beeb won't give us a forecast exclusive to Pilton....or  humming optimism for warm and dry!

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2 hours ago, Lycra said:

Makes it even more depressing when you realise the London centric Beeb are just talking about warm weather in the SE: bugger the yokels in the rest of the country! Been raining here in Staffordshire for 9 days now. Had to empty the garden dog bowl 3 times so far so that's a minimum 300mm of rain!

What are you on about? Did you watch the forecast?? Don't think there was a single mention of London....and I can promise the BBC will be absolutely obsessed by Glastonbury for the next 2 weeks...

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2 hours ago, frostypaw said:

Watching everyone depress themselves because it's not a nailed on heatwave from over a week out remains as sad as ever.

It looks just fine. Go look at the charts we've had some other years at this point

This one's quite hard because it seems to have been shitting it down all over the country for the last few weeks, so it's more difficult than usual to imagine things being fine and dry at the festival.

It's not logical, but we're talking about human beings here.

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4 minutes ago, stuartbert two hats said:

I don't, I've not bought all my booze or packed yet. I'M NOT READY!!!

I cant buy booze til we get over to England. Will take me 10 mins to pack. Couple of pairs of shorts, a hoody, few tshirts and underwear. Toothbrush, paste and deodorant. Sorted. 

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7 minutes ago, Ayrshire Chris said:

blue sky over tipi field and a dirty big grey cloud over the John Peel.  

Just got a lot darker as the screen refreshed!

Its just the edge...?

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16 minutes ago, Titters said:

For those who were there... How long did the rain fall for in 2005? Was it an hour, a few hours? 

A good few hours. And it was the heaviest rain I've ever seen in the UK. I thought my tent was going to cave in. I was on Pennards and got flooded out. Then the sun came out after the deluge and I dried everything out within about an hour. It was very bizarre. Walked down the hill and saw the Police divers checking tents. ?

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