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Brave Sir Robin

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Ladies, gentlemen, lurkers,

Allow me to present, for your listening and learning pleasure, a special early bird post-fallow year edition of my annual Spotify playlist: Glastonbury 2019!

It features all the acts that are confirmed to be playing (when we have some), or likely to be (rated as TBC or 'Strong Rumour' on the lineup page); and for each, the 5 (or 3) songs they've been playing live the most (based on Setlist.fm and additional Googling). Hopefully gives the best taster of what they'll play at the festival. Any comments or suggestions for improvement always welcome. Updates as we get them...


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3 hours ago, JSmurphy said:

Your playlist may or may not have another follower come 10:00 tomorrow.

I couldn't bear to listen to it in 2016 and 2017 when I didn't get tickets until the resale and then had to frantically catch up in April.  Hope you are following by tomorrow.

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On 10/9/2018 at 5:54 PM, Beerqueen said:

I've started listening to previous years' playlists - I have created sub-lists from BSR's - beforehand of bands I want to see, and afterwards those I saw.  Don't know what I was doing in 2017 but I don't seem to have seen many bands!

I do a sub list too, give them a quick listen on BRS's list, if I like them, they make the other list.

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