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Wish I'd seen this but was too busy refreshing!  Thanks Moily.  

(I think I will try to check efestivals on Sunday just in case.....)

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Similarly, thanks. Just didn't have time to say so!

(Then didn't get through anyway and have only just come back on here to face up to it).

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2 hours ago, MoilyX said:

I’ve actually just upvoted that for the simple reason that the poster has simply just provided a couple links for people to use. Now having read many threads on here over the previous week there are people on here who are very unsure over the most simple of technical matters with regards to the internet, there are some who feel they can manipulate their host files in order to gain an advantage during ticket sales, and many other people, with many differing shades of computing ability between them. So while the information might have seemed trivial to some I think it might have provided provided a “good source” of information for others. 


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