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Green Man 2019


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16 minutes ago, lazzareo said:

What was the issue?

I think they were just dreary, disengaged and not very green man to the extent that’s taken on mythical proportions in the circles of the musical snobs that visit online festival message boards! Also see efest memory of Kasabian at Glastonbury 2014 / Mumford and Sons 2013!

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5 minutes ago, nosajthing said:

People saying third headliner still to come. Would Four Tet not make sense as the Thursday headliner... so two more to come ? Or am I just dreaming?!

The email specifically says third headliner (and that Four Tet is a main headliner) 

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16 minutes ago, James96 said:

Where to start with Stereolab? On paper they seem like a band I'd enjoy 

I've been listening to them pretty much constantly since they announced they were coming back. 

I'd say start with Emperor Tomato Ketchup and then Refried Ectoplasm (which is a compilation) first. 

Their "hit" song would probably be Cybele's Reverie. Fluorescences is also a fan favourite!  

For what it's worth my 3 favourite songs are 1. La Boob Oscillator 2. Les Yper-Sound and 3. Valley Hi! 

But there's so much to explore - from their Krautrock stlye (French Disko, John Cage Bubblegum) to more art pop/lounge music (Brakhage). 


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