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2019 Predictions

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Can I just add my usual appreciation for TeamCampesinos who is always sooo quick off the mark with the clashfinder. Brilliant work, thanks.

While the line up is good, being in a confined space at sea for many days with nothing but B&S fans is my idea of hell

Think it's fair to say, us EOTR veterans REALLY want that secret set to be Brakes.

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On 6/22/2019 at 12:37 PM, Sean1234321 said:

I asked on Facebook and they said they're hiring them in so they won't be personalised. 

Understandable but would have been nice to get a cool branded cup. 

Just back from Black Deer festival - I've kept 2 of their reusables because they have a simple but nice design. I'm sure EOTR could have managed it. 

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3 minutes ago, Fat_Buddha said:

2 quid and no refund, I hope the bloody things are robust

You won't be keeping the same one all weekend. You'll get a fresh one with every pint, if you don't return a cup, you'll have to pay 2 quid again

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46 minutes ago, Guy Incognito said:

Saw this on facebook. Taken from the latest issue of Loud and Quiet 



Not sure what to make of this, have so many stage times ever been confirmed so far in advance? They say Porridge Radio are playing the garden stage before going on to (correctly) say they're in the Tipi? 

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On 6/14/2019 at 10:25 AM, teamcampesinos! said:

https://clashfinder.com/m/endoftheroad 2019 

Here's a clashfinder! Some absolutely heartbreaking clashes for me, the line-up is absolutely stacked. In terms of commercial clout, it seems one of the more low-key years, but that's not at the expensive of absolutely insane levels of quality. 

Are you ITK or was it a lucky guess about the two late night big top acts? 

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Good find - thanks for that. Assuming those times are in-the-know then we can calibrate pretty much the full Fri / Sat / Sun from that.

Discrepancy on the Friday big top though - have Wire dropped out? Their slot between Yves Tumor and Kelly Lee Owens seems to have vanished if those times are indeed right.

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Just been trying to do a Clashfinder and that Loud & Quiet stuff just confuses the issue. The only thing I've got sorted is the headliners - 3 x Garden. 

Hopefully this years programme will have that helpful clashfinder in like last year's did and I can work it all out in a bar on the Thursday.

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