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2018 - Your Thoughts

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On ‎9‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 9:04 AM, Watergirl said:

Great review - I only saw three of the bands you did (Gruff Rhys, Colter Wall, Titus Andronicus) but agree on all of those. Disappointed I missed John Cale. He was on my CLashfinder but we didn't get over to the Garden for reasons I forget, my loss it seems!

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Better late etc, soooooo, 10th EOTR so far, glorious weather after last year, and one of the best overall. I still miss the older, more Americana/Country/folk themed ones (as well as the smaller crowds), but then again many of my highlights this year were the more avant/noise discoveries. Levels of politeness and good manners were higher than ever - so nice to experience. Wish i could do a Groundhog Day to experience all the things we missed.

Top 5
Josh T Pearson. Loved the new material. Not as good as Lift to Experience at GM last year, but sucked me in. Didn’t even mind the jokes - they’ve been part of his schtick forever and seem very much tongue in cheek
Shannon and the Clams - blew me away, such a great mix of genres delivered impeccably. Their secret Tipi set was amazing as well on Saturday late night
Oh Sees - Just smashed it, despite an early tech fault
Snail Mail - surprise of weekend. New to me, but will headline one day
AK/DK & Snapped Ankles - blew me away, might be set of weekend (admittedly i was very, very happy at that stage and i always love a costume)
General Music - more or less chronological except for above
Yo La Tengo - Missed other bands as arrived late. Always love them but thought Garden Stage set a few years ago was more intimate
Red River Dialect - nice enough but didn’t blow me away. 
Hiss Golden Messenger - loved, loved, loved the set and Phil Cook was amazing. More of him solo as well please. Great harmonica at end too - nearly made top 5
This is the Kit - faultless, but slightly soulless - is that a thing?
Big Thief - started great, but seemed overwhelmed by size of crowd. A shame as i love them
Jeff Tweedy - grumpy as ever and a beautiful set but surprisingly small crowd
ProtoMartyr - saw them, can’t remember a lot TBH. Think they were good though
Lucy Dacus - played a secret set Tipi which was beautiful. Admittedly we listened to it from the outside and mistook her for Big Thief though (admittedly i was very, very happy at that stage)
WarmDuscher - a mess (but not in a good way)
Colter Wall - Johnny C might want to sue, but just lovely, old/new time country
A Wesley Chung - had to apply apparently, but can see him getting much bigger (or becoming another Dylan Le Blanc who had promise but fades away)
Sandy Alex G - had high expectations, seemed nice at the time but only vague memories now which suggests was a bit meh
Gruff Rhys - might win nicest man at festival, beautiful set too. Apparently Lily Cole is well known as well
Vampire Weekend - Only saw 30 mins which was joyous, gutted to have to miss set to see Oh Sees. That said, Oh Sees were mighty
Duds -  played a secret Tipi set, very good
Hayley Heynderickx - beautiful set and lovely story about picking up a helpful cyclist
Richard Dawson - a force of nature, just immense
Wave Pictures - surprise sub for Damien J. Nice enough, that’s all
Imarhan - joyous - not just your average band of Touareg players
Jim White - only caught the end but wished we’d caught the rest - so engaging
Ezra Furman - maybe not as good as Garden Stage 2 years ago but wow, what a performer
Idles - just immense. Left after 30 mins though to catch SnailMail (see above)….
Black Midi - surprise Tipi set. No idea who they were, much raucous fun though
Amyl etc. - caught a bit, shouty punk, left for Ariel
Ariel Pink -  never really understood the love from so many of his contemporaries, this didn’t dissuade me
Gutted i missed Mulatu Astatke, Stella Donnelly, Darren Hayman, Scorpios, Gwenno, Soccer Mommy, but most of all John Cale. Would have been nice to catch a film, comedy, piano stage shows and lit. talks too  - not enough time :(
Not so good (but nitpicking TBH)
Missed Tiny Ruins, as they’d sold out of Bloody Mary by noon on the first day at the Silver Bus - say what?! Forced us over to Tipi where we discovered they also did a fine version as well though
Queues for Tipi seemed mental at times. Thursday night silent disco was crazy and i’d prefer to have live music TBH
Sorry to continue toilet discussions but definitely not as good as previously and by midnight all gents urinals were overflowing
Making VW & Oh Sees clash (at least i got to see a bit of VW whilst OS were glitching)
Making Ezra and John Cale clash (i love Ezra, but seriously, what was i thinking?)
Random Things
Saw a bat flying around garden stage in the middle of a sunny afternoon. How weird was that?!
Seemed to be less Security which i found nicer in terms of general chillness
Mars was stunning over Woods stage each night 
Goan Fish definitely had less fish (and i’ve been going since 2008)
Pad Thai with spring rolls was my fave food find
Accessible camping organisers deserve a medal


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Having a Feist session at home tonight, giving me some big EotR nostalgia vibes. She put on such a brilliant show, I feel really lucky to have seen that. Big props to EotR, I don't think any other festival could've hosted her so successfully.

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14 hours ago, GETOFFAMYLAWN said:

Having a Feist session at home tonight, giving me some big EotR nostalgia vibes. She put on such a brilliant show, I feel really lucky to have seen that. Big props to EotR, I don't think any other festival could've hosted her so successfully.

I watched a fair bit from the back after your strong recommendation and it was right good. Even as someone who didn't know her stuff I really enjoyed it, was a lovely way to end the weekend too. 

Can't wait for 2019! 

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