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Guy Incognito

efests/solo camp!

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right so after much deliberation my mates have all bottled it so I'll definitely be going solo this year. Anyone up for setting up an efests camp or taking me under their wing? I know eotr is one of the friendliest festivals out there but it would still be nice to have a little group of people to camp with etc.

@GETOFFAMYLAWN you still going solo?

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sick nice one guys! Last year I arrived around 6pm/7pm on the Thursday and there was still a tonne of space in the campsite in a good location so I wouldn't worry too much about it filling up, there isnt any of that mad rush for camping space like at Glastonbury etc. We actually had a huge amount of space around us all weekend so its all good :)

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Yeah sure although fb chat, WhatsApp etc are a lot easier/quicker to use when on site, especially considering the festival site doesn't have great signal if I remember correctly. Also for some reason the Android app still doesn't let me post stuff 

5 hours ago, eFestivals said:


Cos you can't message people here, use this topic, or create a group with own forum, etc.


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