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First festival and going alone. Anyone else?

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I'm going for all 3 days plus I got the early entry ticket because I'd just got my first job around the time and thought fuck it. Anyways it turns out that none of my friends are going so I'm going to be on my own. I've never been to a festival before so I'm kinda shitting myself since I'm not very good at starting convos with people who I don't know unless they approach me first (otherwise I feel like I'm wasting their time). What I wanted to know is if there was anyone in a similar situation who'd want to hang out so that we're not alone, or if you were going as a group could I join just so that I don't feel like all that money's gone to waste. I promise I'm good fun once I start talking. Thanks :)

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Exact same thing here from Thursday onwards, wasn't sure whether to just give up and not bother as camping all on your lonesome seems spooky. I'm good with making friends, its just big groups of very drunk people I'm not sure how to handle sometimes ? Ive seen threads like this before, maybe we can make a little group?

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Hey I'm going alone. Although I did do the v festival last year with my friend .I didn't see him for hardly any of the time inside the arena. I was practically friendless but I met new people and it was really easy to connect and meet people like you've known them for years . It's great. The only time I really saw my friend was back at camping in the morning. But we made good friends with our neighbours and to be honest I probably saw more of them than my mate . Haha 

I did reading festival on.my own and had a better time than when I went with somone. 

The only decision I have to make is whether I'm going vip or not. I can't decide . And I don't know the pro's and cons to it. But of you wanna stay in touch on this forum we could all maybe hook up. That'd be cool. Although I don't think I will be arriving until thursday evening

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