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Hello all,

I am from the UK and traveling to the festival alone as I do not have anyone to go with (friends can't go ect).

I was wondering if anyone can come with me to the festival. One person or a group would be fine, I'm okay with anything.

I was planning on flying to Belgium, my flight departures and times are as follows:

Departing = Wednesday 4th July in Manchester Airport at 11:05 - Brussels Airport 13:25

Returing = Monday 9th July In Brussels Airport at 20:20 - Manchester Airport 21:35

I would love for someone to go with me, it would be a huge help to have someone to travel with and I will be greatly appreciated.

I'm camping in the Hive if anyone wants to stay with me for the duration of the festival so no one feels alone.

If anyone wants someone to travel with me but has a different means of transport, I'll work around that.

Anyone from the UK who is interested or needs a traveling companion, hit me up and let me know so we can get in touch.

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